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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Fighting ex layer for Nintendo Switch been dead this whole week since release.

My Friend uploaded this he couldn't find a match today . It launched the 20th this may  The  only ones who picked this game up at launch were very small PS4 crowd just few that migrated to Nintendo switch , and even they are starting to call it quits on Switch since launch , Yes , It's free on Nintendo Switch but, can't play online unless you buy the game which cost 25 dollars , the newcomers got bodied by the migrated vets they also quit, this reminds me of kof 2002 um on PS4 where vets made it impossible for newcomers to enjoy a game then when PS4 veterans got tired beating eachother up only extremely few veterans stayed in kof 2002 um it didn't matter if it had rollback netcode, but I experienced this with skullgirls and undernight but there situations was because there niche franchise sad to see Fighting ex layer go down like this. video below my friend struggled finding matches in his area. 

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Found another one not sure where in europe but this was 5 days ago. DOA. He quit too and played arcade mode single player.

I game on all consoles and PC