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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Finally my ps5 is here!

I couldn't wait much longer,  playing games in 30fps, the idea that consoles may not arrive till 2022 cause of shortages and chance of missing out on the next shipment.. I was worried I might be getting scammed and a dudd ps5, but got one in perfect condition with no issues as of now. In australia, impossible to find one that isn't ridiculously priced.

Edit: I meant I found one that wasn't priced hight. Just $50.

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Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

And here folks is why you rage towards scalpers is totally meaningless. You must direct your rage to this guy who is banking those scalpers

Edit: Before somebody take this seriously, this is a joke

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Target, Amazon and Big W, all of them had stock this week.

Even you could go a JB Hi-Fi or Eb Games and put a deposit. EB Games reckon they will be ready for July.

$50 is still $50

I would rather play last gen for a little longer than support a scalper
Anyways, welcome to the current gen.

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Don't worry about it now, it's over. Just enjoy next-gen! Congratulations!

Link to the VGChartz Discord server:

Someday you will die somehow 

And something's gonna steal your carbon 

I'm happy for you. Enjoy the games.

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ice said:

I would rather play last gen for a little longer than support a scalper
Anyways, welcome to the current gen.

Thanks. The plan was to keep playing catch on past ps4 games, but the 30 fps started to feel like a hindrance. The more I was playing , the more I felt as though my time could be spent with more enjoyment, and I could be getting more out of the game. 

I'm on the mailing list with sony, jbhifi, eb, gamesmen, harveynorman, target, big w. As soon as stock comes in, it's gone under a minute. Then I got told by an ebgames worker that stock might not get in till july /august. 

Anyways it's done now, glad to be part of it.

Cheers mate.

Im waiting for the Playstation Direct Store opening Here in Germanland to get one im starving for Lady D aka ps5

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