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What Is Your Most Anticipated Game for June?

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny 37 4.00%
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade 103 11.14%
Game Builder Garage 23 2.49%
Gulty Gear -Strive- 21 2.27%
Legend of Mana 30 3.24%
Mario Golf: Super Rush 210 22.70%
Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection 58 6.27%
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 301 32.54%
Scarlet Nexus 50 5.41%
Nothing From This List/Something Else 92 9.95%

What is your most anticipated game coming out in June? I can't list all of them in the poll but if you are hyped for something different, please leave a comment on here. 

Speaking of hype, bonus question this week is are you hyped for E3 this year and if so, whose conference are you most excited about? 

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Im most exited for ratchet and clank even though i still dont have a ps5.

Im skeptical about E3. I dont think its ever gona go back to its former glory. Independent conferences probably spread across the entire month. But who knows, maybe gives us enough hype in each conference that will get us going all month.

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ratchet & clank rift apart

i'm excited for E3 but since we're still in the pandemic and everything has been pushed back that means a lot of things aren't gonna be ready to show so i'm just expecting something decent and if there happen to be some nice surprises then great. i'll still overhype it though because overhyping is fun 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade followed by Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Excited to finally get to play the improved game in its entirety. And also looking forward to R&C; which looks amazing.

Bonus: moderate hype for E3, though keeping expectations in check. Really hoping to see Nintendo show off new hardware and announcements. But I am mainly excited for PlayStation event to see new games and hopefully God of War: Ragnarok.

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Very excited for E3. Nintendos conference is the one Im looking forward to the most.

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I’m somewhat hyped for Guilty Gear Strive, not sure if I’ll get it at launch though.

Not too hyped for E3, I’m curious to see what Nintendo will show, but that’s about it.

Nothing this month I'd really say I'm anticipating. If Scarlet Nexus gets very well recieved I will pick that up, but can't say I'm excited about it as of right now.

I'm not quite feeling the E3 hype yet, but it will hit me when we get closer like it usually does. Mostly looking forward to Ninty since I feel there's a decent chance the BotW sequel could make an appearance.

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Astral Chain 2...erm I mean Scarlet Nexus followed by Ninja Gaiden Remastered

Not feeling the hype for E3.

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From the poll Mario Golf, Legend of Mana looks neat too tho, lost interest in the Ninja Gaiden Collection.

Cris Tales looks really neat. Other than that, I'll wait for E3.

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