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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How important is 60fps to you?


What do you think?

Anything less is unacceptable 20 16.26%
It's very important 40 32.52%
It's nice, but 30fps is still fine 44 35.77%
It's not important 19 15.45%

Is it the minimum acceptable? Not that big a deal? Nice to have but not essential? 

What's your opinion?

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Depends on the game. Forza or Apex? Noting less is acceptable.

The Witcher? I'd rather have a nicer world and dialled up effects but 60 would be a nice addition too.

it is nice to have but not a must

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Anything less is unacceptable. I bend that viewpoint with Nintendo games though.

On consoles, 30 or 60 is fine for me but I prefer 60.

On PC, 60 fps is a minimum but I prefer 120 fps. There are one or two exceptions.


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Browser told me it failed to post, hit refresh.... disregard.

Too high, anything over 30 is a waste

60 fps is a luxury, if you can have it great, 30 fps is playable and sometimes that is all you have, it's amazing how the brain compensates with exposure, if all you played was 60 then 30 would feel difficult, if all you played was 30 then you are good

Depends of the game

30 still fine for most of games, but the word is LOCKED

Frame drops are not nice regardless of being 60 FPS or 30 FPS, because overall human eye is more sensitive to detect abrupt frame rate changes than to detect the current frame rate in the screen

On PC, 60fps is the minimum. On consoles, I've been so used to 30fps its kinda expected though its refreshing to see a lot of games running at 60 this gen (so far).

But yeah playing at 30fps is not unbearable and still very playable, just not optimal :P