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Forums - Gaming Discussion - New "FF Game" at Square or Sony Event

New "FF Game" for SE or Sony Event

Square Enix will lift the wraps off a PS5-exclusive Final Fantasy game at E3 2021, according to ResetEra leaker Navtra, who has a decent enough track record to warrant attention.

Posting on the forums, Navtra revealed that Square Enix is planning updates on previously-revealed projects as well as at least one major announcement related to Final Fantasy. He also expects one of these to be exclusive to the PS5.


A reddit user (who apparently has leaked Elden Ring stuff in the past) unveiled some additional details in regards to the new FF:

-It's being developed by an external studio that has worked with Square Enix in the past
-Said studio has a mixed track record in the leaker's opinion, although he says that "the team behind the game has a very good reputation with the genre it'll be tackling"
-Won't be a numbered title or a new entry in an existing subseries (it would actually be the start of an entirely new subseries)
-It is set in an existing world and lore: Ivalice
-Won't be an RPG "in the sense people are thinking"
-It's not a Warriors/musou type of game

If this information is accurate, then what if we are talking about an action-RPG Final Fantasy spin-off developed by Platinum Games? Sounds like the type of game that would get Sony interested to the point of them securing PS5 exclusivity.

What could IT be...

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FF VII part two I guess.

Guessing it won't be Dissidia since I don't think that lines up with "the start of an entirely new subseries", and I think the last game didn't perform as well as SE wanted anyway, so we may not see a new one for a while.

Kinda want it to be a Cyberconnect2 game, but they seemed to part on not great terms after their last project.

Hmm Tri-Ace perhaps?

Random_Matt said:

FF VII part two I guess.

If the insider is to be believed, it doesn't have the budget of a mainline FF game.

Besides, an ff7r 2 leak will specifically call it or by name.

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Could be a new tactics/ tactics-esque or other low budget rpg.

Is it a rereveal of Babylons Fall? That's a platinum games/square enix collaboration that was announced for ps4 and pc.


I'm hearing that the original insider on Era said that that the Reddit Insider who claims it's an Ivalice game is fake.

''It's not Ivalice, Tactics, nor Warriors. Don't set up yourselves for disappointment." is what he said apparently.

Leading theory on Era right now is that it's a Final Fantasy Souls-like. Extremely meh for me if it is Souls-like, I hate Souls.

FFIX small scale remake, Looks the same with modern visuals and they fix the card game. LET'S GO!

Tho in reality probably something dumb like World of Final Fantasy II.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I mainly play FF (well, at least the pre-FF13 ones) for the sense of adventure, the memorable plot moments and charming characters, so Souls Fantasy would be a big no from me. My hope would be like a more "traditional" alternative to FF16 (not that I'm not excited for FF16) with a higher budget and more "serious" art-style than World of Final Fantasy (a job system would be lovely). FFT2 would be amazing too.

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