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Forums - Sales Discussion - Will Sony reconsider its default £70 AAA policy?

Looking at the UK as a basis 

Returnals in particular seems to be struggling at that price range. No.27 this week. There are other factors like the overly harsh saving restrictions which may be putting new consumers off, but price may be the biggest component here. A big influx of PS5 stock shot Spiderman to No.3 this week but no such benefit was seen for returnals despite being a new release.

There is no precedent that the £70 supports anything but their biggest titles as even the PS5s best sellers are currently sub £70 games (base Miles Morales £50, Assassins Creed £60, COD £65, RE8 £55). 

They obviously can't take an immediate U-turn and I think they'll wait til E3 to discount Returnals but I don't think they'll launch another untested, mid budget game at £70 again. That small portion of extra revenue is not worth it if it makes consumers hesitant to try out new software.

Edit: Specific to titles like Returnals, since i think people I mean a blanket reversion back to $60/£55. I'm more asking whether you think Sony will be more adaptive with their pricing in future or whether games of Returnals scale and budget will continue to be $70/£70

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I think you should've use Yen prices instead of Sterling, it will speak to more people (you know, 126 million vs 66 million)

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Nope they won`t, from what we know it had a successful launch.

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did apple stop selling overpriced phones?

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Sadly they are not going to change. The PS5 is already selling gangbusters even with the supply issues, and every game launched for the system itself seems to be doing allright, even if they are not major titles. We'd need a major AAA flop for them to reconsider the price, and considering neither microtransactions or lootboxes managed a big enough consumer response to be taken out, this probably won't.

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I don't know if they'll reconsider $70, but if we look at Destruction All Stars, Sony will be flexible with their pricing.

They should but they won't, they pioneered the new price hike and others have jumped on. "for the players" right?

I would like them to but I doubt they will. Personally, I won't be buying most of the new MSRP games until they go on sale with the exception of a few that I really want to play. While a $10 increase might not seem like a lot, in Canada, games were already very expensive thanks to our currency with them costing $80 and now $90.

So for me, I could either spend $90 on a game or buy 9 bottles of lube with pizza money to spare. I think the choice is clear...


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