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Forums - Gaming Discussion - When do you consider game/consoles to have become "retro"?


For me it's retro when it's...

Last gen 2 6.45%
Two generations ago 9 29.03%
Three generations ago 15 48.39%
Four generations ago or more 5 16.13%

At what point does a game or console become "retro" in your eyes?

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Three generations seems right. N64, PS1 have felt retro for a while, and now I'm feeling that way about PS2/GC/Xbox too.

In all honesty that doesn't matter anymore.

For me it ended with PS2/XBOX/GCN because those games where the last ones you could plug and play.

Everything beyond that is all day 1 patches, updates and DLC that it makes it impossible for me to classify as retro because one day those games will just stop being playable when you loose all the patches, updates and DLC.

Going forward only a very few games will be classified as such (i.e. plug and play and does not require additional downloads).



I consider a console retro when its functionality or games no longer represent the functionality of modern consoles and modern games.

The moment game consoles went CDs, Retro just isn't a thing anymore. Its like saying Movie DvDs is retro when its not. For me, retro ended after the N64, PS1 and Saturn.

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Retro in terms of videogames is generally considered to start at 15 years, which makes it 3 generations or more

Never even thought about it

Nowdays 3 gens ago.
PS2 is retro, PS3 is not.
Before this gen it was 2 gens ago.
The PS3 jump was massive and HD gaming hardly feels retro yet.
But yeah, after this gen when SSD is the full focus of game development it should return to being 2 gens.
PS3 and PS4 should feel retro when PS6 comes out.

I have a different definition: 10-15 Years after the highest sales volume.

I go by 21 years.
The console would be old enough to do all of the adult crap.