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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo quarterly sales update (To 31st March 2021) Switch 84.59m

Switch hardware total: 84.59m (4.73m this past quarter, up 43.7% YOY)

FY 2021 hardware: 28.83m (37.1% up YOY)

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: 35.39m

Animal Crossing: 32.63m

Smash Bros Ultimate: 23.84m

Zelda BOTW:  22.28m (Switch version only)

Pokémon Sword/Shield: 21.1m

Mario Odyssey: 20.83m

Super Mario Party: 14.79m

Pokemon Let's Go: 13.28m

Splatoon 2: 12.21m

NSMBUD: 10.44m

Ring Fit Adventure: 10.11m

Luigi's Mansion 3: 9.59m

Mario 3D All Stars: 9.01m

Mario Maker 2: 7.15m

3D World + Bowser's Fury: 5.59m

Link's Awakening: 5.49m

Clubhouse games: 3.14m

Paper Mario: The Origami King: 3.12m

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity: (Outside Japan) 3.07m

Pikmin 3 Deluxe: 2.04m

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition: 1.52m

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit: 1.27m


Net sales: 1,758.9 billion yen ($16.09 billion)

Operating profit: 640.6 billion yen ($5.86 billion)

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Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

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Highest profit in a FY for a company in the video game industry, surpassing Nintendo's own 2009 record.

What does this mean according to the vg charts estimation? Will the switch estimation be adjusted up or down or not adjusted?


So we have 100M confirmed this year. MK8DX will not be outsold by AC lol. Pokemon SW/SH over 21m. Amazing times.

Splatoon sold another 2 mil this quarter lol
Hyrule Warriors AoC sold over 3 mil in the US alone
Ring fit adventure has broke 10mil units sol
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Damn! But but console's/handheld's will die they said.
Its in decline they said.

Rip nintendo they said.

Insane sales, still would like nintendo to make more risk and pump out.more exclusives and not ports of wiiu games.


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If you look at the last 3 weeks of data, going back to March 27th.

We've got this for the weeks ending on these dates:


March 27th - 526,554

April 3rd - 476,251

April 10th - 460,823


Now for the week ending on March 27th, we've only got 3 days of April data. So if we divide the figure by 7 (days of the week), then multiply by 3 (days of April) then we'd have 300,888 units sold in those three days. If we add THAT to the other two figures, that gives us a total of 1,237,962 units sold in April (~1.24 million units).

If we subtract the 1.24 million in April from the 83.95 million figure on the front page, then that leaves us with 82.71 million units sold to consumers as of March 31st.

Subtract THAT from the 84.59 shipped figure from Nintendo, and that leaves us with a gap of 1.88 million units between sold to consumers and shipped/in transit to retailers. 

Nice seeing sword and shield continue to defy the Internet vocal minority. Great switch sales

Impressive sales numbers. I predicted the Switch to sell slightly more this quarter between 5-6M but 4.72M is still impressive to have in a quarter. Nearly 29M in a fiscal year is a record for home consoles and its neck and neck with the DS.

Hardware is honestly a bit lower than what I had expected though obviously still impressive.
Software is still killing it though.
MK8 is starting to put distance to AC, it shipped around 2m this quarter while AC did 1.5m. I've always expected MK8 would remain strongest in the long term, but I am a little suprised it's already outshipping it so noticably now.
And Ring Fit is looking ready to take U Deluxe's spot in the top 10 next quarter.

Major Switch Titles Launch Aligned

2021 predictions:

  • Switch - 27m
  • PS5 - 15.5m
  • Xbox Series - 10m

With these figures, we can now officially confirm what we already know, the Switch is 4th best selling Nintendo system of all time and the 9th best selling system overall.

In terms of Nintendo systems, it now only trails the Nintendo DS (154.02 million) , Game Boy (118.69 million), and Wii (101.63 million) on their all-time list. It should pass the Wii as early as this holiday season - Right around Black Friday would be my first guess.

In terms of ALL systems, this new number puts it ~1.2 million from the Xbox 360 (85.80 million) by the end of March, it is now the 6th of May, so it more than likely already passed it and is now setting its sights on the PS3 (87.41 million). Then, after it passes the Wii at around Black Friday, the PS1 (102.5 million) will follow immediately afterwards.

If it maintains its current pace, the Nintendo Switch is set to become one of the top 5 best selling video game systems of all time and the 3rd best selling Nintendo system before the end of the year.