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Forums - Sony Discussion - Do you save every game offered on PS Plus?

I just realized I'm already about 5 ​months subscribing PS Plus but never bothering to save the games they offer and I never intended to buy. It means in 5 months I've saved only Final Fantasy VII Remake and The Shadows of Tomb Raider

Which is just so dumb because I'm not only not losing """free""" games but totally losing the opportunity to give some franchises at least a 30 minutes try 

I think I'll try save and eventually download at least some of their offers just in case I've find myself in a poverty position in the future I will still have a collection to play if I can't afford more games...

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You can save PS+ games permanently?

Yes. Takes about 30 seconds. I just gave concrete genie a shot and I don't even know when they gave that one out.

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Add to library, if I don't forget yes.

The last time I actually downloaded one... Uncharted The lost legacy, played about 50 minutes. I just added the May line up. Stranded Deep looks like something I will actually try and added Wreckfest for when I get a ps5. Using the browser store it only takes a few seconds.

Mystro-Sama said:

You can save PS+ games permanently?

I think so? 

I don't see a deadline to download them in my account. For instance I saved Tomb Raider and still not downloaded it 

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There should an auto add to library check every month they are added unless you turn it off.

Yes, every month. Unless I already own the game digitally. If I own the game on disc I will still add it to my library so I can load it up from the hard drive.

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Eh, only what I'm interested in.

I couldn't care less about Stranded Deep this month so I'm not going to bother adding it.

I know I'm never play it, let alone even install it. Nothing lost tbqh

Concrete Genie and Control already paid for my year subscription. Battlefield 5 and FF7 doubly so. I've already got my money's worth. 

Yes. I add everything to library.

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Add almost everything to my library on PS+ unless I have zero interest in the title and don't want it cluttering my library. I sometimes forget to pick up EGS freebies, though.