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Forums - General Discussion - I feel like crying I hate hackers I wont explain but, this is how I feel

There are many things I rather have hidden privately and I don't want others knowing me or atleast more than 30 % of me.

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tip dont make your password the same as your username

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kirby007 said:

tip dont make your password the same as your username

... As silly as this sounds, it's actually a good tip and I've known people who've had the same username and password before lol :P 


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If this is how you feel, having completely anonymous accounts set up by multiple emails on a VPN is a safe bet.

Credit card info is a dicier situation, because it's usually pretty safe, but if hackers get that kind of info from a big company, you're screwed. I'm guessing using prepaid credit cards for services might alleviate that, because you can control how much you put on them and have services/online places charge, but it's not tied directly to your full savings/checking.

But using Facebook, Instagram or Gmail with your real name is bound to blow up in your face if you really care about privacy. These services aren't free. The price is privacy.

Haven't you posted pics of yourself on this site?

Barozi said:

Haven't you posted pics of yourself on this site?

Yup and often reveals some personal info. Then keeps making topics about his drama from other websites.

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I'd be scared too, @Moren is catfishing people with that picture you posted in Discord.

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- use a proper password manager and strong passwords suggested by it
- have a really solid master password, which is used ONLY to access your PM
- use 2FA wherever you can
- have decent antivirus/malware software installed
- 4 digit pin on your phone is not good enough. Use 6 digit minimum, which isn't your DOB
- don't go on, or download anything from doggy websites, open suspicious emails, and do not sideload any apps to your phone. You can have the best security on the planet, but if you allow hackers to gain full admin access to your PC/phone through infected software, most of the above does not apply anymore.

- use VPN (must if you use public WiFi)
- route your traffic through a security gateway