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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Unpopular gaming opnions

This is a thread for you to share your opinions about games, consoles, companies and the industry itself that nobody or almost nobody agrees with 

You can also react to others unpopular opinions, so users can know they aren't alone in the world!


- Avoid popular opinions, this is for UNPOPULAR opinions 

- Feel free to say anything you want as long it doesn't break the forum rules

- Short sentences with few phrases, also avoid big rants 

- Avoid trolling 

- Don't derail this thread making debates, make a reply if you want and then please stop 

- Most important: Respect others' unpopular opinions!

Now let's start 

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- Final Fantasy XV is awesome
- Cosmetic MTX are nice and long they're only cosmetic
- Smash is the worst Nintendo IP
- MS should stop manufacturing hardware and go full on creating gaming services and games
- Kingdom Hearts story is not hard to understand
- Amiibos are nothing more than overpriced gourmet MTX (they are still nice though)

I'm not really certain of these are unpopular opinions, but my guess is yes so here I go:

-I hate the combat mechanics in Monster Hunter games.
-Dragon Age Origins was so bad I had to quit.
-Starfox Adventures is a great game.
-Paperverse is the greatest genre of games.

Gaming is just as addictive as drugs.

VR has too many shortcomings to make it mainstream. AR will be one to take that next step. In fact, it already has.

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-What is called AAA for the most part are just nice looking and shiny but crap at actually being a good game (might not be unpopular on gaming forums, but just looking ate sales numbers this is an unpopular opinion)
-Stories in games is superficial, as soon as I see ”story driven” or ”cinematic” I’m prepared for a story that is on the level of sub par pulp fiction lacking in gameplay and/or riddeled with QTEs (game play is king, story can always be tacked on later)
-Castlevania 2 Simons Quest is a great game and gets shat on by to many people

PS1/N64 gen was misdirected towards ugly low-res 3D and poor controls and is unplayable by modern standards. It is the least enjoyable generation of all.

Gaming is actually not that much fun, I only game when I have absolutely (like really, absolutely) nothing else to do.

Sony's first party output for the ps4 was disappointing. Thats not to say its bad, but most of there games this gen have been solid but unremarkable. I enjoyed most of there output but most of it is just beaten once and I'll never touch it again. The main exception to this was bloodborne, thats a game I'd go back to again and again.

I enjoyed Sonic Unleashed , Specially the daytime stages , It's Metacritic should of not been this low, It damaged Sonic 3d . Boost Mechanic was amazing in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations Modern Sonic. Sonic Generations 3d Sonic gameplay was a downgrade from Sonic Unleashed daytime Stages The speedrunners throughout the internet know what I'm talking about but, since speedrunners are few our opinion does not go in our favor it goes to masses because of the Werehog which I also despise but , people forgot how fun Sonic daytime stages were in Sonic unleashed it should of been a reviewed better instead of bombing it as second worst 3d sonic game in 7th gen.

I game on all consoles and PC