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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your opinion on gaming subscription services?


My opinion is best summed up as:

Subscribed to at least one and like it 36 36.36%
Subscribed to at least one and not a fan 6 6.06%
Thinking about subscribing 6 6.06%
Was a subscriber and lapsed 4 4.04%
Will subscribe for big games and then drop 4 4.04%
Zero interest at all 28 28.28%
None of the current subs ... 8 8.08%
Other 7 7.07%

Being platform neutral - as much as is possible - what is your opnion of gaming subscrition services where you get access to new games each month and / or a large library to download or stream. With the unifying factor being loosing access if your subscrition lapses.

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I like it when it's done correctly like with Gamepass. The idea of getting MS first party games day 1 which now also includes Bethesda games +100s more for $10 a month is insane value. Sure we lose access to them if we decide to cancel but I have a ton of games that I don't go back to after playing them once. And with Gamepass, if you do buy the game, your save and progression remains intact.


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It's great value for gamers, at the moment, but will turn into the crap fest that tv has become. I'm not subscribed, did try it out for a month to play FH4 and other MS exclusives without buying an XBox. So there's already the answer to whether it's sustainable... It saved me well over $1000 last gen, no need for console, no need to buy games, no incentive to buy more games for that console.

Anyway, not for me, just another nail in the coffin for physical game ownership..

Well by the end of this generation I'm probably going to have an extra £4-5k sitting in my bank compared to if I bought all my games so that seems good.

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They don't really appeal to my niche tastes so far.

A bunch of EA games? I don't care.

A bunch of SE games? I don't care.

A ragtag bunch of JRPGs, action RPGs, etc.? Nice!

Best thing to happen to gaming, I'm saving more money than ever before and playing more games than ever before.

I love it. It's the best business model for customers, MS fans are really privileged with Game Pass

Unfortunately neither Sony nor Nintendo are making services to attend me, so I still need to buy games which sucks. Still using both Switch online a PS Plus though 

My opinion is Switch online is a big piece of shit and the second worst product I've paid in the whole Switch era. Unfortunately I can't stop paying it, without online means I will stop playing almost every multiplayer game on my Switch 

PS Plus has been truly great this year (last year as well), but sometimes it's not. Let's hope it keeps good. But I still not liking the idea I will still needing to pay for online even if the software line up sucks...

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Well, I think I like it.

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Hate it.

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