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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is it just me or Xbox fanboys are a lot more vocal than PS fanboys now?


Are Xbox fans more vocal than Sony fans now?

Yes, Xbox fans are more vocal on the internet 10 34.48%
No, Sony fans are more vocal 14 48.28%
It's about even, depends on where you go 5 17.24%

I remember back during the PS3/360 era, there were a lot more Sony fanboys on the internet I'm sure no one can deny that despite the fact that for the most part of that generation the 360 had outsold PS3 and by a wide margin in NA and UK. Now I see the exact opposite, if you ever read a gaming article and read the comments you will see way more pro-Xbox comments and if there are arguments (which is always the case) you can tell by the like/dislike ratio who has more supporters in the comments section and that would be Xbox fans by far.   If you watch any Youtube gaming video talking about PS5/XboxSX its the exact same thing, you will see a ton of anti Sony and pro Xbox comments talking about how Sony is out of touch and Gamepass is revolutionary.  

Why do you think this is the case now?  is it a case of "silent majority" where Xbox fans have to be vocal to feel relevant? 

I would like to make it clear that I am not attacking any fanboys, this was just an observation on my part and I wonder if anyone else notices it.

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I think the sony guys are just used to being on top.

At the end of the day, every fanboy thingy comes down t purchase justification. PS fans don't need to justify anything now.

I dunno, I see both sides being vocal nearly all the time these days. Usually due to the whole warring thing.

I see folks like Colt Eastwood on Twitter, hosting polls that are always skewed in Xbox's favour (over PC/PS practically every time, without fail).

I also see folks like Jaytechtv ragging on Xbox and PC folk on twitter and youtube, along with his own legion of followers.

And then I see Fritangaplays, Griffin gaming and all sorts of PC youtubers just ripping apart both groups and their respective "leaders" (like Colt eastwood, Jaytechtv etc) for the back and forths both sides do to each other.

I honestly don't think either side is being less vocal over the other.

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Eh, all extremes are annoying. PS ones remind me of Boston sports fans. Highly toxic and arrogant. Xbox ones want to forgive and excuse every MS dud. Nintendo ones never heard of any game not some traditional Nintendo IP.

Note not talking about all PS/XB/Nin fans. I mean the extremists.

Retro Neo Geo and SEGA fans are obsessed with every technical detail in both software and hardware with these 30-40-year-old games/systems.

I'm a SEGA fan but not the technical side one really. I love gaming in general and esp 90s games. The Switch is the best system I owned in the last decade and has little to do with Nintendo IPs aside from Xenoblade and Astral Chain which I adore. It gets the kind of games that remind me of the golden era of creativity in new IPs. The 90s.  PS4 gave me some great games as well. The AA side of PS4 kinda felt like a resurgence of the PS2 era.

I'm a grouch when it comes to the BS industry greed these days and how people complain but then feed the greed. So I'm just watching an industry I adore turn into something disgusting and trick people into supporting garbage practices.

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Not even close it's just Xbox fans have something to be actually vocal about this gen after last gen where it wasn't a good time to be an Xbox fan for the most part.

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FattyDingDong said:

Why do you think this is the case now?  is it a case of "silent majority" where Xbox fans have to be vocal to feel relevant? 

Weather you call it the "silent majority" or the "vocal minority"..... Xbox and US media in general, are pro xbox, and they sit on much of the internet you likely view.
If you went to a german/french/japanese/chinese/russian forum for console gameing, something tells me xbox wouldn't be so vocal there.

Also alot of the noise from xbox, is non games related.
"We now support this feature, or we have added x,y,z to gamepass, ect".

Meanwhile sony just caries on, carrying on....

I feel like once "Horizon: Forbidden West" & "Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart" launch this year, all the social media hubbub, that MS speaks will just be forgotten by the majority. The focus is always on the games.

Xbox fanboys are indeed a lot more vocal now. Especially on the news section of this site, since it is ran by one of the biggest Xbox fans. MS has always been an arrogant loudmouthed company, with a marketing team that never seems to STFU. "Gaming News" sites that are desperate for every last click, will post whatever non-newsworthy, but pro-Xbox thing they can think of. MS's marketing team is more than happy to oblige. Meanwhile Sony and Nintendo are damned near radio silent this time of year.

Part of the problem is that too many gamers feel entitled to having everything. If a game is exclusive to Nintendo, or Sony there's a certain section of PC gamers that will join in with the Xbox fans and complain. A lot of people own a Switch these days though, so there's way less anti-Nintendo people than there are anti-Sony people. The hilarious thing here is that the same people that complain about a game being exclusive to a Nintendo or Sony platform calling it "anti-consumer" will happily pay hundreds of dollars to whatever MTX scheme was cooked up by their favorite developer.

EH, Playstation is far more popular and thus is contains most of the talk (as it should), the small resurgence in Xbox talk is because they've been making good moves and getting positive press where last gen Xbox was deservingly bashed. I don't understand how this could possibly bother people or even make some feel threatened (not targeted at OP or anyone in particular) but sheeesh, get some help if it does.

erm *coughs*

Mix of sony being more silent , them not putting a PR person in front of the brand talking what the fanboys want to hear, them releasing games on pc sometimes now that make sony extremist fanboys rage in every playstation related post and a extreme barrage of FUD against aony ps5 that comes every once in a while.

But holy shit if the cult of papaphill/buyoutbeggers are not extreme annoying, they are everywhere


Intrinsic said:

I think the sony guys are just used to being on top.

At the end of the day, every fanboy thingy comes down t purchase justification. PS fans don't need to justify anything now.

This has to be trolling. How do you justify paying full price for MLB while being able to play it pretty much free on GamePass. 

Let me also drop this as well: