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Which is better?

3DS 37 54.41%
PSP 31 45.59%

Okay, so 3DS dominated the poll against Vita, but what about if we compare it to the stronger of Sony's two handheld efforts?

Which do you think is the better system, and why?

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PSP has a bunch of Ys games and Macross games. Some great RPGs. Shmups. Mech games like Armored Core or Gunhound EX. PSP is one of the best handhelds ever and I still feel 3DS has the weakest library of any Nintendo handheld ever.

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Still 3DS although it's much closer. PSP had a better library, but it doesn't have the better hardware this time. Still, Nintendo's first party offerings give 3DS the win.

PSP all the way.

The hardware might have been weaker than the 3DS but not by much. And the system had way more features that were ahead of its time.

Also the PSP has an awesome library of exclusives (or they were exclusive at the time).

Ridge Racer, MGS, GOW, COD, GTA, Burnout, GT, Daxter, Syphon Filter, Darkstalkers, Crisis Core, KH BBS, Lumines, Tekken. So many great memories. And it is still a sleek and sexy system, especially the 2000 model.

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PSP had the games I wanted, supported non proprietary memory cards, allowed me to watch movies, have custom wallpapers, custom UI skins, allow me to play music and video files, as well as photos etc.

PSP was honestly a really good portable for it's time. I liked my 3DS for some of the titles, though I liked the DS more for it's backwards compat (which 3DS ended up dropping).

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The third party games and impactfulness if the graphics at the time make me give this to the PSP. Grand Theft Auto on the go was crazy to me at the time. The first party games on it also weren't half bad (both god of wars, resistance, killzone, syphon filter). That being said, a lot of the games weren't actually exclusive titles as they were on the PS2 as well. However, I would personally prefer playing them on the PSP.

Again 3DS, with pretty much the same answer as in the other thread.

I can't really speak for the 3DS because I never owned one.

I'll make a small case for the PSP though. It has some great titles and a lot of solid ones underneath that too. I had no interest in most of its biggest releases - the GTAs, the Metal Gears, the God of Wars, the Final Fantasies, no interest whatsoever - and yet there were still plenty of games that did interest me, which speaks to the depth of its library. Plus there was a lot of breadth in terms of genres. Its library, like the platform in general, is seriously overlooked - perhaps because of what followed it.

And I know the Vita has its dedicated fans, but well... I bought one at launch and I don't think I played it for more than a few months, despite being able to appreciate that it's a great bit of kit; in short, I gave up on it sooner than Sony did, and that's saying something. That has somewhat tainted the PSP's legacy I think, although even before the Vita came along the PSP was under-estimated (the frigging thing sold over 80 million - 80 million! That's almost on the same level as the Xbox 360 and PS3, which always blows my mind).

I preferred the PSP. It was a great machine with some awesome utility. Back then (at launch circa 2005) smartphones were few and far in between and you could use it to browse the web, play music on top of playing games. When softmodded it really opened up with extra stuff like emulation; honestly, it felt amazing that you could whip out a SNES, Genesis or N64 game out of your pocket and even connect to the TV with AV out. Plus the games had me invest more time in it. I played GOW, GTA: China Town Wars, Tekken 5:Dark Resurection/6, KH:BBS, Ridge Racer, Persona 3 Portable etc etc and a lot of PSOne games on there.

On the hardware side PSP was better built, had quality normal sized buttons and a way better form factor. I really like the 3DS too but PSP was god tier in terms of portable gaming (for me).

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PSP, probably my favorite handheld of all time, or close with the GBA. PSP has an underrated library and it's multimedia features were 2nd to none at the time.