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PlayStation and Firewalk Studios announce publishing partnership for a new, original multiplayer IP – PlayStation.Blog

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment for our new, original multiplayer game. For our team, the opportunity to create new worlds and inspire more amazing moments for players around the world is the fire and ambition that keeps us going. The PlayStation team has a deep love and respect for the medium of games, and some of the best expertise and capabilities in the world to help make big ambitions a reality.

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This is an interesting move from Sony.

They've shown an increased interest in obtaining publishing rights for new big third party IP, (this is the second signing of a AAA third party studio in the space of a month, the first being Jade Raymond's Haven studio in Montrea)l, but it also shows they're definitely targeting multiplayer games.

Firewalk Studios appears to be made up of industry vets- mostly senior Bungie developers with a smattering of COD, Halo and Mass Effect workers, but importantly the game they're working on has been in development for 2 years now, so we could actually see it showcased in the next year or so. Hiring's would seem to indicate that this is a AAA FPS game.