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Forums - Movies Discussion - Do you still buy movies physically?


Do you?

Yes, I still buy physical 46 63.89%
No, I've gone all digital 26 36.11%

Have you gone all digital for film and TV, or do you still buy Blu Rays/DVDs?

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I still buy physical movies. Speaking of which, I just purchased Kingsglaive 4K recently.

Physical all the way. I do attempt to get ones with digital copy though as I mostly watch movies on VUDU. I just like the security of having the physical copy.

I still buy physical movies. Specially classics. Speaking of which, I just purchased On the Waterfront in Blu-ray format.

Even before streaming became a thing, I was more likely to go to blockbuster than actually buy a movie.

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All digital. I think the last physical movie I purchased new was Tintin. I've purchased a few physical movies from thrift stores but I never get around to watching them.

And, me being who I am, I HAVE to take it there...
A few months ago, I found my stash of DVD porn. I bought a blu-ray player just to watch that porn and I was pretty excited. I didn't finish a single DVD. It was just too cumbersome. I disconnected the Blu-ray player and I'm not even 100% sure where it is right now. The remote is in my man cave, though. Digital is just too easy and convenient. I only wish some of the extra features from DVD/Blu-ray would make the leap to digital.

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the last movie I bought physically was 10 cloverfield lane back in 2016 since then i've been nothing but digital/streaming

the only exception I would make is if it's something that I really love, but at that point it would be more collection purposes rather than just for purely watching it. like, I really love Avatar The Last Airbender for example so i'd like to buy the complete series blu-ray set they released just to have it, but I don't know if I would ever actually use it. 

Yes, since I never bought a movie digital. I mostly stream stuff now so I rarely buy physical movies now.

I do, but only movies I really love or very cheap ones usually.

I buy movies that I rewatch on physical copies, I don't trust digital after I didn't log in to my apple account for 8 months and lost all of my music.