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Forums - Sales Discussion - Is Legacy content/backwards compatibility important for a console's success?


Is legacy content important for a console's success?

Yes, very important. Huge effect on sales 4 5.63%
It is important, noticable effect on sales. 14 19.72%
Not very important, small effect on sales. 38 53.52%
Not important at all, lit... 15 21.13%

What do you guys think? Recently there has been a lot of criticism towards Sony & Nintendo for not providing enough legacy or retro game content on their consoles with Nintendo not offering ways to play older games on the Switch and Sony not caring about providing legacy content on PS5. Do you think the lack of backwards compatibility or legacy content may hurt console sales at all?

IMO, I don't think a lack of backwards compatibility or lack of legacy content really impacts console sales at all. Most gamers typically buy a game or console they're interested in within a few months or within the console's lifespan. It's unlikely that someone would suddenly buy a next gen console to play a last gen game since if they were interested enough in that last gen game they probably would've purchased the system well before the next gen console releases. While I'm sure gamers like the backwards compatibility feature, they won't buy a whole system with the main intent being backwards compatibility and it will never be the main selling point. There's also been research done that most gamers barely use backwards compatibility.

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Well, given that Microsoft offer the best legacy support and are trailing in third place while Sony and Nintendo with their inferior legacy support are dominating the market...

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It depends on the console and what else they have going for them.

For example, the PS2 really got a great boost with PS backwards compatilibity because their launch library was weak and the PS1 was very popular. Then as the PS2 got a stronger library the feature became less important.

For Microsoft, they are strong on backwards compatibility, but are last place. However it makes one wonder where they would be with even less service (no BC).

The GBA was able to play a GB library that lasted 12 years prior to the GBA. Similarly, the 3DS was able to play DS games, the DS being Nintendo's most popular console ever. Meaning it was able to play games like Pokemon Black/White, and tons of DS games, while the 3DS library was slow to build.

The Wii was able to play GC games, but the GC only sold 20M units while the Wii had its own vision of games and started from scratch.

The Switch has no backwards compatibility, but Nintendo's immense mascot appeal, combined Home and Mobile platforms, and excellent hardware design led to it being a success on its own. Plus the WiiU was a flop.

So in the end it really depends on what platform is piggybacking onto what predecessor, and for what manufacturer.

Nope. PS1 had no backwards compatibility and broke all the console sales records when it came out. Xbox 360 did very well with minimal backwards compatibility. PS4 did fantastic despite having no backwards compatibility.

No, it doesn’t.

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Switch and PS5 are doing fine, even with lack of backwards compatible legacy for most of them , I love the SNES section on Nintendo online though so theres that. Xbox is still 3rd but , all 3 consoles are selling gangbusters regardless of legacy content.

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With lack of exclusives on either platform, it does make a difference. There will be plenty of games to play with backwards compat with xbox and not so much with ps5 especially if u have played all of ps4 exclusives

In the real world it’s not important at all.

On internet forums like this a subset of users claim lack of BC is the doom of any new console.

Also since the game industry is in what I would think a creative rut and everything seems to get a remaster nowadays it’s even less important with BC.

I don't believe so. It's a nice feature to have when there isn't much out though. Demon souls is the only next-gen game I've played

Not important, when you buy a new console, you want to play new games on it, BC is a nice bonus.

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