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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Update: Square Enix Releases Statement | Bloomberg Japan: Several parties interested in acquiring Square Enix



They are citing two Japanese bankers who are familiar with the matter.

Edit: Xbox insider Shpeshal Ed reporting that Microsoft is one of the interested parties:

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The most likely possibilities would be:

  • Microsoft: After acquiring Zenimax, MS said that they were on the lookout for more gaming acquisitions, and didn't rule out the possibility of acquiring other publishers. They have alot of cash and haven't been afraid to spend it recently, with 3 finalized acquisitions in the last few months, and a $19b acquisition of AI company Nuance just announced. 
  • Sony: Sony has spent alot of money on timed exclusivity deals with Square recently, on FF7 Remake, Forspoken, and FF16. Sony may be looking into a more permanent solution by acquiring Square, especially if MS is involved, as Sony wouldn't want to lose them to Xbox.
  • Tencent: They have alot of money (though not quite as much as Microsoft) and have been getting quite a few gaming acquisitions recently. 
  • Embracer: Embracer seemingly has the ability to rustle up limitless money, acquiring studio after studio the last few years, to the point where they have now reached 58 game studios. Square would be their largest and most expensive acquisition yet, but it's not impossible that they would at least put in a bid for Square, though the chances of them outbidding the others would be very low. 

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Don't really care as long the company keeps being a 3rd party with freedom when it's come to developing games and what platforms they support/release their games 

Fully supporting if it means getting a Chrono Trigger sequel or remake XD

Hope it's not Microsoft though, I have no intention to buy any Xbox in my life and it will suck hard for me to mount expensive PCs to keeping playing Square games

Sony and Tencent would make the most sense to me as potential buyers of Square Enix. Sony and Square Enix have had a close relationship for a long time, which is similar to the relationship between Microsoft and Bethesda. Tencent is well...Tencent. They have the money.

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Worth noting that Square Enix is currently valued at about $6.9b on the stock market, value could be driven up with an acquisition.

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I'd ather they stay the way they are, but if someone needs to buy them I would lean Nintendo to keep the hope alive of them one day making Super Mario rpg 2. I doubt Nintendo would make a major purchase like that so I wouldn't completely hate it if Sony bought them.

I highly doubt Embracer is even considering this.

The acquisition makes a lot of sense for various parties. Sony seems the most logical considering their relationship (as mentioned).
MS has the money, but at this point they would literally be buying games away from the largest market for SE games (outside of Nintendo).

Nintendo and Microsoft have become pretty chummy lately. I could see Microsoft jumping on this and playing nice with Nintendo, but I have my doubts. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

I just remembered that there were rumors a few months back that Ubisoft was trying to acquire Square's western division. I wonder if they could be one of the interested parties here? I don't know if they could afford the whole kit and caboodle though, probably just the western division.

I actually wouldn't mind that much if Square got split down the middle, with say MS or Ubisoft getting the western division (Eidos, Crystal Dynamics studios/Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Just Cause, Sleeping Dogs, Thief, etc. IP's) and Sony or Tencent getting the JP division. Probably an unlikely scenario though. Whoever buys it will most likely want the whole thing. 

DroidKnight said:

Nintendo and Microsoft have become pretty chummy lately. I could see Microsoft jumping on this and playing nice with Nintendo, but I have my doubts.

I do think that if MS went for Square, they would at least give Nintendo late ports of Square's games, could be hard to turn a profit from Xbox and PC alone. Some would buy an Xbox or a gaming PC just to keep playing Square games, even in Japan, but certainly not everybody, so late Switch ports might be the best way for MS to turn a profit in such a scenario.