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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite main series Dragon Quest game?


What's your favorite main series Dragon Quest game?

Dragon Quest I 12 2.80%
Dragon Quest III 12 2.80%
Dragon Quest IV 11 2.56%
Dragon Quest V 24 5.59%
Dragon Quest VI 5 1.17%
Dragon Quest VII 30 6.99%
Dragon Quest VIII 109 25.41%
Dragon Quest IX 23 5.36%
Dragon Quest XI 183 42.66%
Other 20 4.66%

Despite its continued success in Japan, the Dragon Quest series has never quite found its footing in the global market, unlike the Final Fantasy IP. Much of that has probably to do with Dragon Quest being decidedly Japanese in its art style as well as its comical approach.

For the poll options, I've decided to lump DQII and DQX into Other, because they are (likely) the worst and the MMORPG entry, respectively.

What's your favorite main series Dragon Quest game?


Bonus question: On which platform(s) do you expect the inevitable Dragon Quest XII to release first?

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XI was fantastic and mastered to capture the nostalgia without actually feeling antiquated.

XI is a superb game, one of my favourite RPGs to date.


I have played about every main entry. Easil XI-S. Honestly the best in the series.

XII will come to Switch. Likely PS5...dunno about Xbox even with the port of XI S. Depends how well that faired. Or we might see a DQIX situation and have DQXII a Switch console exclusive or maybe timed. It's always the most popular selling system in Japan. So when it came to the US be a timed Switch exclusive at the very least since NOA publishes DQ on Nintendo platforms in the US.

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Agreed, XI is a JRPG masterpiece. It does JRPG well.

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My top 5 in this order
- XI
- IX
- V

I loved XI, but my favorite is probably VIII.

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Only played 1 and 11 so far, out of those two 11 would be my favourite.

Not too keen on it though. I'm not too far into the game yet, but it just doesn't seem that great so far.

Bonus: 50/50 between it releasing on Nintendo first and it releasing on Nintendo and PS5 simultaneously. I say Nintendo since I doubt I expect Nintendo to have a new console out by the time it releases, although if it's only in it's 1st or 2nd year then it would probably be a cross-gen game and be on both.

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I've only played XI so it's not a difficult choice. It was pretty great though and I do plan to play as few of the older games eventually.

Bonus: I think a more or less simultaneous multiplat release seems likely after all the effort they've put into releasing/re-releasing XI on every platform, but it isn't a certainty with Square.

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VIII then XI

Overall I always find DQ good as installments, but pretty weak as a franchise. You can choose to play one or two entries and be done with it