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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Project Athia Is Now Forspoken (PC/PS5 - 2022)

The game is in development at newly established Luminous Productions, and puts players in the role of Frey Holland, an woman who finds herself ripped from our world and to the fantasy world of Athia and having to master magical abilities in order to survive - SixthAxis.

From what is known, Forspoken will be open-world and will support real-time ray tracing. You play as Frey Holland; an ordinary young woman who must harness her magical abilities to survive in the fantastical yet dangerous land of Athia - DSOGaming.

Releasing in 2022 for PC and PS5.


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Oh, and let's not forget who subtly unveiled the idea of this game's premise and visual look

Forspoken should launch to better visuals (save for the tree count)!



It's a very pretty looking game for sure, can't wait to play it!

What's with these game names lately? Returnal, Forspoken... ewww!

I mean, game titles have always been kind of bad compared to other media but now they're taking the piss.






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An isekai game then? Sounds interesting.

This game looks stunning.

Glad to here it's coming to PC. Looks quite good!


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Watched the trailer again, looks like it's gonna' be a fast paced game, at least in terms of traversal lol... I really want to see more but I can wait, and since it's a 2022 release I might actually have a PS5 to play it on!