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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best PS360 Assassin's Creed game


I think the best is...

1 4 10.26%
2 14 35.90%
Brotherhood 5 12.82%
Revelations 1 2.56%
3 2 5.13%
4/Black Flag 13 33.33%
Rogue 0 0%

Which do you think was the best of the Assassin's Creed games released on PS3/360, and what made it the best?

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Black Flag easily, took the best elements of the previous games, especially the ship element from 3 and improved upon it all. After 4, it is 2 and then 3 for me.

Easily 2 it has the best story and setting.

The first one, I think it had the better take on the whole assassins deal, did a good enough job in making one feel like they were actually planning a kill, gathering info through interrogation and the like, it wasn't great by any means, but I find it to be only game where they were trying to do something cool.

I don't remember some of those games too well anymore, but I think I used to have the impression that Revelations was the best one in terms of quality. Sure, it was more of the same, but it did things better than the previous games. The third game felt a bit, uh, cold, and I didn't really like Black Flag as an Assassin's Creed game. I haven't played Rogue (yet, despite owning it) because I consider it a bit of a spin-off so it's not very high on my backlog, but I suspect it's in the same league with Black Flag.

The first game is quite interesting though. It made a huge impression on me, and I still dislike the lighter tone the series took after the first game. Still, it was quite flawed in many ways, and when we're discussing the best game, it doesn't really deserve to be too high on the list. The only other Assassin's Creed game to have impressed me was Origins (which obviously is off-topic here), so I don't hold even the series's best games of the 7th generation in such a high regard because while good, there wasn't really much to make them special. But for the purpose of this topic, my answer is still Revelations.

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Black Flag, which ironically is the least like an Assassin's Creed game. I give honorable to 2 however, as it set the standard for the formula that lasted nearly a decade.

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ACII was the biggest jump in sequel quality since SFII. Gave us the best character in Ezio. Best Story. Best setting. OST is best in series.

ACIV is so overrated. Shit story. Lame characters. Horrible meta 4th wall modern setting. I hate the part you kill Natives in the bushes. Kinda offensive TBH. Ship sailing was fun but everything else can eat shit.

Only good thing about AC1 is Master Splinter voices the final boss.

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Black Flag.

The first is by far my favorite setting in the franchise and I wish there was another game there with the improvements seen in 2 and onward. 2 was a huge jump in quality in pretty much every way, Brotherhood and Revelations were good but too much of a retread. I think 3 is underrated in the fandom, but 4 really took things to a new level.

Out of the Assassins Creed games the best one is Brotherhood. Out of all of them it is Black Flag

There's a reference to Mario's "It's-a me" in II, that's why II it is the best. IV is also pretty good. The narrative is nothing to write home about but the ships really stole the show, it's the ultimate time-sink.

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