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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ratchet & Clank is FREE FOR ALL PS4/5-Players, now!! #Play at Home

Due to the severe corona pandemic, Sony/incomniac games is giving all players on PlayStation the ps4-remake Ratchet & Clank for FREE.

Its 100% free for everybody, in PlayStationStore :) #Play at Home

What do you particularly like about the game? :) have fun, guys =)


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I have the physical edition in the pile of shame (backlog), but I will redeem this free version and probably trade my physical copy.

Can’t say anything since I haven’t played it

I have it , Love this so much.

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It's a nice gesture and it ties in nicely in regards to Ratchet & Clank: a rift apart coming out soon.

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For how long it's free?

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Already bought the game physically and have it on PS Plus but what the heck.. *downloads*

It's sad that it"s a game that I alrready own and played, but this is a great get for anyone that still has to experience it. It"s a really good game, and that comes from someone who is not that big of a Ratcher and Clank fan.

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I have been getting Platinum trophies on Ratchet & Clank Backlog, so this is exciting. I did already get the platinum (Have it physically and on PS+ already) but it's a lovely addition to my collection.

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Sweet. Downloading it now. Thanks Sony