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Forums - Sony Discussion - Can I has PlayStation fans?

Hello!  In a recent (small) community vote, I found that I'm SORELY lacking in representing the PlayStation fanbase and have been trying to change that.

I have a $50 PS store code giveaway on my Twitter going on at the moment as well:

AND I also just posted my review of The Nioh Collection (yes, it took me awhile because there's 70+ hours of adventure there to get through!):

BUT... As you can tell, there's very little activity because I have very little in the way of PlayStation fans around.  I don't like the imbalance, and it bothers me, so I hope there are maybe one or two of you that end up deciding my review is of enough caliber to bring you around!  If not, no biggie: I don't want to force anyone, but I do want my small community to have a little more balance to it!

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