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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Outriders demo impressions (GamePass day one)

I didn't see a thread for this, maybe I missed it or maybe there's just little interest here. But there is a free, untimed demo for the game available for AFAIK, all platforms the game is coming to.

It's a third person shooter by People Can Fly, a great shooter studio. It's kind of, Gears of War meets Destiny meets Anthem, with a deep RPG like upgrade system thrown in. That sounds like a train wreck, especially with names like Destiny and Anthem thrown in, but it works very well. Graphically it's a cross gen game and a demo, so it doesn't blow you away or anything. I've noticed small frame drops on XSX but again, it's a demo.

The gameplay is especially solid. It very much reminds me of Anthem minus the ability to fly. Your ability to fly is replaced by much more powerful and much more varied special moves. These moves can be upgraded and altered through gameplay and the leveling system, and you can even greatly change them simply by equipping certain armor. For example I picked a class that has an earthquake like special move and a vest that I bought allows me to use it twice before it goes on cool down. Has a huge impact on gameplay.

It has drop in/drop out co-op up to three players but it has a meaty campaign you can play through solo. Anyone else playing? IIRC the demo has cross platform play.

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Demo has been a huge hit, apparently.

And the game is launching day one on GamePass.

I haven't downloaded the demo but it doesn't grab my attention though. I'll probably download the full game tho and play it since I have Game Pass.