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This is the third week in a row that Redd has shown up with all fake art! I haven’t and won’t time travel because I consider it cheating and it also ruins the spirit of the game, but come on?! I don’t mind playing the long game, but if I get weeks and weeks in a row where only fakes are sold, it could potentially take me years to fill the art gallery! Really bummed out this morning, always excited to see the barge, but starting now to be filled with dread as it’s always fakes :( how is everyone else’s experience with Redd in the game? Anyone else who doesn’t time travel? 

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 I don't mind Redd bringing in fake art because I buy them to either resell or to decorate my Island. My museum still memory after over 10 months 

Third week in a row? The guy barely shows up once a month in my game...

KLXVER said:

Third week in a row? The guy barely shows up once a month in my game...

He shows up at least every 2 weeks from Monday to Friday. He can shown up two weeks in roll, but the chances are not big (less than 10%)

He definitely can't shown up 3 weeks in row though.

Edit: He actually can shown up 3 weeks in row, but you must not have unlocked all 9 visitors yet, you must have max 8 visitors unblocked and the chances of him visiting 3 weeks are still REALLY small 

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Ok, let me rephrase - this is the third appearance in a row that he has had only fakes. And I’ve not missed any appearances since the last time that he had some real art. The point was missed entirely in this thread...

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Yeah, the unlock pacing of ACNH is kind of fucked. I've had DIY recipes for months that I can't build because I haven't unlocked the parent recipes/items. I love the game, but it is hard to motivate myself to keep playing when a week of play gets me one new item/recipe if I'm lucky.