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Forums - Sales Discussion - The PS4 shipped 117m by March 31st 2022. LT sales expectations?


Lifetime sales expectations ?

117.0 - 117.3M 0 0%
117.3 - 117.5M 1 50.00%
117.5 - 117.7M 1 50.00%
117.7 - 118.0M 0 0%
118M+ 0 0%

Time to renew the poll moving further into the death years (or months) of the PS4.

The system is selling ~15k weekly now and there were 1M more units confirmed to be in production in january 2022.

Previous poll from january 2022 (116.8M shipped):

Poll from 2021 (115.1M shipped) :

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In the last thread, I thought the PS4 was a lock for 120 million units.

Now? Not so much.

From 2014 to when it ceased production - The PS3 sold just a tad over 6 million units.

If the PS4 does the same thing, that would put it at just under 121 million units lifetime. But so far, it's sales have consistently been tracking lower than the PS3 from late 2013 into the first weeks of 2014. Right now, it's already down by close to 200k units in comparison.

And with the PS5 facing a strong surplus of shortages, Sony has all its attention squared towards trying to catch up with demand. It's all eyes, all hands on deck for the PS5. As a result, the PS4's legs are being cut off from underneath it and its decline is being accelerated. To the put where not only do I question its ability to reach 120 million units, I'm not even sure if it'll be able to pass the Game Boy at this rate, which currently sits at 118,69 million units. The PS4 is just a little less than 4 million away from that, which doesn't seem like much, but given the rate at which sales have dropped already, it's looking like it's going to limp towards that mark instead of blowing right past it like we originally thought. IF it even reaches that mark.

Same as before.

over 120M for sure, but no way it's gonna pass 125M.

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I picked the 118-120m option. After the holiday quarter of 1.4m units that is out of line with Sony's earlier projection of 9m for the full fiscal year, it's a given that Sony has scaled back production levels more than they had initially planned, so it's hard to see them making more than 5m additional units for the rest of the PS4's life.

After this shockingly low holiday quarter I can't even rule it out that the PS4 might finish below 118m.

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about 120m~130m maybe

The PS3 did around 6 million 2014 onwards so if the PS4 can get close to that it'll get to 120M but with how it's declining more rapidly than the PS3 did I expect it to do a decent bit less than 6M from now until the end so I'll pick 118-120 and specifically 119M.

Voted 120M-122M but I fully expect that it might not even reach the 120M milestone. The rapid decline from the launch of the PS5 to the Holiday and onwards seems to have shown a lack of Sony's care to produce enough units to satiate what's left of the demand on the market.

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4.7m in three quarters, that's very very low. I'll be the optimist still and say it'll limp past 120m.

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SONY has already halted all but the SLIM and if not already I think SONY may soon halt the SLIM as well. If PS4 production at all takes the space of any PS5 production, with BC, there is no reason other than price for PS4 production. There might be 3-4 million PS4s floating around in stock out there, so ~118m might still work.

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