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Forums - Sony Discussion - Destruction All-Star Review Thread - Metacritic 67

Very low score for one of the advertised PS5 exclusives, making a pair with godfall.

With a low count of reviews so far (8) it only achieved 67 average (at least it matches user score 6.8)

Feb 3, 2021
Destruction AllStars may not be a killer app that sells you on a PS5, but anyone who owns a PS5 will be happy to add it to their library. It is definitely one of the best perks of owning a PS5 yet.
Feb 3, 2021
It’s addictive, great fun and all about people playing online together. And it feels original, even if many of the individual elements are borrowed from other games. If you have a PS Plus subscription it’s a no brainer to download this free title at some point over the next two months before it becomes paid for. Destruction AllStars is a brilliant new addition to the PS5 roster and will brighten up dull February with some colourful car-smashing fun.
Feb 3, 2021
I like Destruction AllStars. I really like it a lot. The anarchy of the gameplay reminds me of my endless PS1 evenings with Destruction Derby or Demolition Racer. Something happens all the time, there is always a crash somewhere - I never get bored.
Feb 3, 2021
What is there, entertains only briefly - and the banishment of the other episodes behind a payment barrier is crap. The scope could also be more generous in general: If you deduct Stockpile, which is currently too haphazardly for me, only three modes remain in very similar arenas; The character skills and special attacks of the hero cars are too interchangeable for me. Ultimately, however, I'm curious to see where the journey with Destruction AllStars is going - both in terms of new content and the question of whether it might become a full-price title at the beginning of April.
Feb 3, 2021
Destruction AllStars has many strong points to offer. Mainstream and approachable, the directing is quite good and the gameplay quick to learn — although it takes time to be truly mastered. We had a lot of fun throwing out violent bumper blows and jumping on platforms to change vehicles, as well as unleashing the powers of the many heroes available. However, it's hard to predict whether it will be successful in the long run, and the PS5's exclusivity and high purchase price may prevent it from reaching a large audience.
Feb 3, 2021
Destruction AllStars is a clunky mess of a multiplayer experience, committing a few cardinal sins when it comes to its online experience and offering uninteresting and dull gameplay most of the time. Each character feels unique and their abilities and vehicles are fun to use, but when meshed with the rest of the experience, it doesn't work. Predatory microtransactions, a lack of lore and backstory into the AllStars, and poor single-player offerings make this the weakest PlayStation Studios title in a long time.
Feb 3, 2021
Out of the 4 modes available at launch, 2 of them feel redundant and unbalanced. The single-player content is slim and if you want even a crumb more, you’ll have to pay, which leaves Destruction Allstars feeling like a clumsy, hollow product whose fun moments go by in a blur.

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Disappointing and sad.
"Predatory microtransactions", what a shame.

Matchmaking will probably be dead on arrival. And be dead by the time anyone manages to buy a ps5

One of the main reasons I haven't killed myself trying to get a ps5 is because the lineup (at best) is my meh from my perspective. I really only want Souls, which is a remake, albeit a good one.