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Forums - Sony Discussion - Destruction Allstars Is Surprisingly Really Good

Been playing non-stop with my son since I got home from work - taking turns each match.

The gameplay is fun and addictive- very reminiscent of the old Twisted Metal games.

To be honest with the delay I was still expecting it to be a buggy mess - but surprisingly it looks and plays beautifully.

Not too many game modes and locations to choose from at the beginning - but it’s a decent start.  Hopefully the developer will expand upon it soon.

There is a ton of character and vehicle variety out of the gate - each with different skills to master.

The story mode being locked behind a paywall is pretty shitty - hopefully they will allow you to unlock other ways in the future.

All in all its been a really fun ride - solid 8 and maybe a start of something really special.

Think they made the right move making it a Plus offering. Should help to build up its fan base quicker.  

Have you had a chance to play it?  If so- what do you think?

Don’t forget even if you don’t have a PS5 yet you can still add it to your library on the PlayStation store.

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What's this about the story mode being behind a paywall?

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Runa216 said:

What's this about the story mode being behind a paywall?

Looking forward to trying it. I downloaded it along with control for my PS5. Now just need to find the time lol

Okay, so on the one hand I am truly happy that games like this are given some attention but on the other hand hiding the story behind a paywall is a vomit inducing act of disgrace.

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The game is incredibly fun and I agree with others that the story should not be stuck behind a paywall.

It looks fun and is a perfect fit for PS Plus monthly games, but if they were planning to charge for the story, it should have been F2P from the start.

I wonder if the planned full/retail release came with enough currency points to unlock all the story content? If so, Sony messed up by advertising this as the full game. They should have called it the PS Plus Edition or something (like Driveclub).

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Saw some gameplay yesterday, looks fun for a while but it feels like it gets old quickly

67 on Metacritic with 6.9 user score, not what I call good. I tried games in that metascore range to often and didn't like most of them.