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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - When Will the Bethesda Acquisition Close?


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When Will the Bethesda Acquisition Close?

February 1 $300.00 9.09%
March 6 $1,470.00 54.55%
April 3 $500.00 27.27%
May 1 $500.00 9.09%
June 0 $0.00 0%
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Totals: 11 $2,770.00  
Game closed: 02/10/2021

When will the Bethesda acquisition close?

Filings indicate Europe will approve of the acquisition no later than March 5th, Microsoft will typically finalise the acquisition not long after America/EU have approved it, leaving a strong possibility that it will close either February or March but given how close March 5th is to February, if EU takes their time it makes it a toss up whether it will be complete ahead of schedule in February or slip into March.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 03 February 2021