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Forums - General Discussion - Cyber Shadow - Should I buy it on the ps4 or the switch?


Should I play it on the PS4 or Switch

Playstation 4 8 38.10%
Switch 13 61.90%

I've been playing handheld consoles for a long time, and the switch is my favorite console of all, but...

I have a problem... I'm kind of enthusiastic about trophies/achievements and looking at the trophy list, I think it's going to be a lot of fun to collect them all. So... Even though I love playing on the switch, should I pick it up on ps4?

I'm stuck between trophies and portability, need some help...

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Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...

Crazy idea; Buy it for one first, then wait for a sale and get it for the other! :o

Well it is trying to capture the feel and look of an NES game. A Nintendo system. So would it not feel more at home on a Nintendo system?

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Go for the trophies. Why? Because that's what winners do!

There will be a record of your epic adventure.

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unless you're actually planning on playing it on the go, sounds like PS4 is the right choice for you.


50/50 on the poll

You still earn "Feats" playing it on the Switch. It's not part of a global trophy system but the challenges are there and pop up on screen when you complete one.

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Oh... so there are in-game trophies, didn't know that

I guess that helps

I tend to buy all my platformers/indies on Switch. The performance (most of the time) is the same as on the PS4 and I have the benefit of playing it wherever I want.