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Forums - Gaming Discussion - To prepare for RE Village, I will play through the entire Resident Evil franchise in chronological order (Current game: RE0)

Fresh off my Gears play through and before that my Halo play through, I'm going to play through another huge franchise that I have not played much of... Resident Evil.

Like anyone else who was gaming during the PSone era, I remember what a huge hit Resident Evil was and how it created or revitalized the survival horror genre. A slew of clones followed but none except maybe Dino Crisis really seemed to hold up. Even Silent Hill, which is a fan favorite, is not actually all that big or successful a franchise. Nothing like Resident Evil, which has at least eight, soon to be nine mainline entries, and plenty of spin offs and side games.

I will be playing through the franchise in the order of the timeline, which is as follows:

RE0 - I have never played this game before.
RE - I own the remastered version from Xbox One. I almost beat this on PSone.
RE3 - I own the RE3 remake and have put hundreds of hours into RE Resistance, the MP game included with RE3. I played maybe half of RE3 on PSone and less of the remake.
RE2 - I will be playing the remake. RE2 is the only RE game I have ever finished, I beat it on PSone or N64, don't remember which.
RE3 - Part of RE3 takes place before RE2, the rest of the game takes place after.
Code Veronica - I owned this on Dreamcast, and the opening was amazing, but I was too busy with Quake and Unreal to finish it.
RE4 - I played through a lot of this game but never finished it.
Revelations - This game is set between 4 and 5.
Lost in Nightmare - RE5 DLC that happens before RE5.
RE5 - I did play a little of this.
Desperate Escape - RE5 DLC that happens after RE5.
Revelations 2 - Set between 5 and 6.
RE6 - I have heard this games story is insane and requires multiple play throughs. I will play through once and YouTube the rest.
Umbrella Corps - Is this even a campaign? Never heard of this. You can buy $2 Steam keys online.
RE7 - Heard great things, never played it.

To be honest idk why I haven't played more of the series, I enjoyed it on PSone. I think what soured me back then was the constant loading and backtracking, which took forever with the loading. I remember in MGS to backtrack you even had to swap discs. How does the RE1 remaster handle loading? Are there still door sequences everywhere? Wish me luck.

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One of my favorite series of all time. My favorite game of all time is Resident Evil 4!.
My ranking from the games Ive played would probably be:

RE Code Veronica
Resident Evil VII
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil 3 (PSone)
Resident Evil 2 (PSone)

Havent played Zero, 6, and the original Resident Evil 1 on PS1.

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Will be interested to see your opinion on REmake. I finished it for the first time last month and it's now my favorite game. Replayed it immediately after on hard as Chris. Very great game but I don't think it's for everyone.

I myself am looking to play the rest of the games sometime before REVIII, though I don't know if I'll finish them in time. I'm not in a rush really.

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Ah, have fun with that! I replayed RE0 myself last year. The early games in the series with the tank controls and heavy emphasis on puzzle solving are all very good games. 4, 5 and 6 are more action games but still good nontheless. How's your impression of RE0 so far?

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All of them in a row? You might hate the franchise after that.

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I've been making my way through the franchise myself at my own pace. Played 4 (great), 5 (meh), and 0 (goodish), want to get through the 1-3 remakes and 7 before playing 8.

I hope they put more games in the series onto Gamepass soon, there are several I would like to play.

Best of luck. Be sure to persevere through 0, as it can be slow going at times. That stretch from 1-4 is god tier gaming.

If you have the PSVR play VII that way. It's a good game played on the tv, but it's an amazing game in vr. 4, 2, 1, Veronica and 7 in vr are my favorites in the series.

There's not much to prep for when you're playing as a non main character from the original Resi series. Play Resi 1, bam, you've gotten to know Chris Redfield.

With the way 8 is written, what theme it's going for an it's scenic setting, you'll hardly need much if any specific knowledge of past Resi games.