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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Nintendo Switch sees its highest annual sales in history in Japan, with almost 6m units sold

According to the article:

"2020 proved to be a bumper year for the Switch in Japan, as it recorded its highest annual sales in its four-year history.

According to data released by Famitsu, the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite sold a combined 5,957,000 units in 2020 – an increase of 30 per cent over 2019, which saw 4,494,000 units sold that year.

Both versions of the Switch saw increased sales in 2020, but the Switch Lite has performed particularly well – nearly doubling its sales to 2,026,709 units sold, compared to 2019’s 1,045,383 units sold.

As a result, the Switch has now been the number one selling console in Japan for four years in a row – its entire lifetime. The Switch’s lead isn’t even remotely close either, the second-best selling system is the Playstation 4, with a comparatively tiny 543K units in 2020 (including the PS4 Pro).

Given its launch late in the year, and the supply shortages, the Playstation 5 sold 255K units in its first seven weeks of going on sale.

In terms of software, Animal Crossing: New Horizons predictably dominated last year, topping the 2020 physical sales chart with 6,378,000 copies sold. By far the best selling game of the year, Animal Crossing dominated the top spot on the charts for six straight months from March to August.

The staggering success of Animal Crossing contributed not only to Japan’s physical game market as a whole, but was a large driver of the Switch’s success in its home country.

Ring Fit Adventure, 2019’s 10th-best selling game, jumped up to 2nd place in 2020, with 1,591,000 copies sold, making it the seventh double-million-seller for the Switch platform.

Japan’s physical video game market was valued at 367.38 billion yen, a 12.5 per cent increase from 2019. Hardware sales rose 16.4 per cent to 185.66 billion yen, while packaged software sales saw a 8.9 percent increase to 181.72 billion yen. 2020 marked the first time that Japan’s market showed positive y/y growth in both hardware and software revenues."

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Nothing new for people who have followed the weekly Famitsu thread here, but a summary for the year is worth reading for those who don't pay attention.

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Come oooooon, no "almost" 6 million, Nintendo sold like 250k the last week (from 28th december to 4th January), I'm pretty sure those missing 43k were sold during 2020

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I know we don't have the data for every single other country, but I think we know this was the Switch's best year for basically everywhere.

Its around 4 million according to the NPD for the quarter, in Japan 2.5 million(week 1 on Famitsu was over 300K and there is MyNintendo sales unaccounted for).

Europe is looking like it's up this holiday. France sold 1.45 mil which was confirmed, last year they sold a little under 500K in Spain, this year this is up. UK was over 1 mill and Germany is likely similar. So looking at these figures we can estimate that at least 2.5 million was sold through-out the entire Europe, Italy, Benelux, Nordics etc. If we base that 40% of annual hardware sales are made in the holiday quarter(usually it's closer to 60% but COVID impacted demand through-out the year). Overall I wouldn't' be surprised if Europe is over 3.5M just depends what falls under here. 

Other region will be the one actually where Nintendo will see a drastic improvement - China, East Asia, Latin America etc will be providing the huge increase YoY, and I'm guessing at a smaller scale this was happening in Rest of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia & New Zealand.

I think Other region will surpass 4.5M this quarter and Nintendo will highlight the strong growth in their earning reports next month.


*made a mistake of reporting figures that are for the year, as if they were made in just this quarter

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