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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS5 DAMA Profile 1: NOV update (PS5 sets Nov Year 1 Record)

Hello everyone, here is the first DAMA profile for PS5. This is up to November, none of the December weeks have been counted for this profile yet.

Some interesting numbers from this profile are:

1)The PS5 needs to sell 1.3M units to pass the Atari 7800 all time sales.

2) PS5 sold 2.5M more units than the PS3 in the first November.

3) PS5 sold 0.7M more units than the NS in the first November.

4) PS5 sold 0.5M more units than the 3DS to become the all time highest selling console on the first November.

5) On the first December 3DS sold 4M units, this makes it extremely hard for the PS5 to maintain a lead over the 3DS. 

Random questions:

-Did you ever play Atari 7800? What was your favorite game if you did?

-Are you surprised the 3DS held the record for best first November and December?

-Were you able to get a PS5 in November?

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-No, I don't think I've ever used an Atari system before.
-Slightly. 3DS was saved by its November and December 2011 games of 3D land and Mario Kart 7, but wasn't sure by how much.
-No, and don't actively want one.

I played Atari when I was very young at a friends house, but I can't even remember the model. No surprises when you put Nintendo and Sales together, everything can happen (even Wii U disaster).
And finally, got my PS5 at launch and I'm loving it!

-I don't know