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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 'Bad' Endings You Preferred?

Games with multiple endings often have 'good' and 'bad' or canon endings and not. What are some instances where you prefer the ending that the game sort of implies is less correct? Spoiler tags, obviously (in the Format section of the Rich Text Reply, fyi).


The happier ending with Roman exclaiming "we won!" rang hollow to me compared to the sadder ending with a pregnant widow and Niko contemplating the American Dream. That one felt much more poignant to me.

How about you guys?

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Symphony of the Night comes to mind.

The "bad" ending was awful.

The true ending was somehow even worse.

Final Fantasy VI:

Not an ending to the game itself, but letting Cid die launches a scene that is far more effective at establishing the mood of the story at that point in the game. Saving him seems anti-climactic.

I really want to say Persona 5 Royal, just because...

I wanted to see Goro happy so bad.

...But I can't. I just can't.

Steins;Gate, Stardust Sky.

Mayuri is better and deserves better.

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I found hilarious how Bloodborne's easiest to get ending is the "happier" of the three... While the two that actually require effort to achieve are incredibly depressing xD

I don't even remember that GTA IV had multiple endings...

Barozi said:

I don't even remember that GTA IV had multiple endings...

Same, I thought the sad ending was the only ending up until reading that comment in this thread. Lol. Makes me kind of want to go back and replay GTAIV

Funny you should make this right now. I just finished working through all the endings for Cyberpunk and it definitely qualifies for this.

Major spoilers for some Cyberpunk endings below.


Although there aren't 'good' and 'bad' endings per se (they're all a version of 'bad'), I think you're certainly supposed to feel that the 'riding off with Panam into the sunset' ending is the best of a lot of bad options. For me that was the worst one though; it's quite generic and just... bleh.

The Arasaka ending is I think the one you're supposed to view as the 'worst'. But the Arasaka ending for me was the best; it's haunting, clinical, twisted, and very unique. I'm glad I picked it the first time around.

Relinquishing control to Johnny is a pretty cool and unique ending too. It plays on one of the stronger aspects of the main storyline (the times you play out the body swapping) and it shows just how much V changed Johnny's character, not just how Johnny changed/started to takeover V. It's up there with the Arasaka ending.

The 'choosing the easy way out' ending (i.e. committing suicide) is quite good too, oddly enough. Abrupt, obviously, which is the main downside to it, but the reactions from some of your friends to your death in the credits are excellent, especially Judy's. 

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II. Vader getting captured didn’t make much sense to me. Plus the game characters needed to die to stick with canon. We can assume that The Emperor came to know of Vader’s Starkiller clones and dealt with them accordingly afterwards.