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Forums - Sales Discussion - Bet Challenge #2: Most weekly sales between 150k and 250k


** Betting is CLOSED - all winnings have been paid out by TalonMan **


What console has had the most global weekly sales between 150k and 250k?

Xbox 360 1 $1,000.00 10.00%
Nintendo DS 2 $110.00 20.00%
PlayStation 3 2 $200.00 20.00%
PSP 0 $0.00 0%
PlayStation 4 5 $390.00 50.00%
Nintendo Switch 0 $0.00 0%
Totals: 10 $1,700.00  
Game closed: 01/05/2021

Hello everyone, I bring you my second betting challenge, this one ends on Jan 5. You can either take an educated guess or go crazy and count manually to know exactly what the answer is:

Your goal is to determine which of the consoles has had more global weekly sales that fall between 150,000 units and 250,000 units. All of this is based on VGChartz database. 

Basically if you look at the Hardware by Date page, you need to know what console has the most weeks that fall between this range:

You can count manually or pull a Luke Skywalker,  and use the force...Let go!

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I'm going with X360.

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I went with PS3. No way the Switch, PS4 or DS had a big amount of weeks in that range.

PS4, seems to me this year and last year in particular had ton of weeks following this trend during non-holiday months

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Hi everyone, just a reminder that there is 2 more days for this bet.

Here is a piece of useless data:

The Wii had 91 weeks within this range, The Xone had 16, WiiU 8 and the XS has had an incredible 5 weeks already. The Top console has more than all of these combined.

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I'm saying the PS4.



Wii, Switch and DS are spending too much time above the threshold to be viable, PS3, PSP and 360 too long below, which leaves little other choice other than the PS4

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At first you'd think "Duh, DS". But it's not, DS is actually comfortably above that range most of the time. Looking at the graph I'm actually guessing PS4 spent most within that range.

Hi everyone, just a reminder that this bet ends today. I see a lot of good reasoning behind the choices. 

Just another random useless fact is that the First and second place have less than a 15% difference in amount of weeks, so it is not too straight forward.

Good luck everyone on your choices and hopefully you will make some VG$ soon!

I think it's the PS4. Sales for PS4 have been fairly consistent for several years. DS sales were also consistent, but it had a whole lot of weeks above 250k which I think keeps it from #1.

It's official!

The bet challenge #2 is now over.

Thank you very much for everyone's participation, I hope you enjoyed this challenge. Please let me know if you would enjoy more sales related challenges so that I can come up with a new one. 

Here is a chart that will give you the correct answer:

As you can tell, the correct answer was PS4!

Congratulations to the 5 winners that will be getting a combined VG$585 (each winner will get different amounts based on how much they bet)

There are a few interesting things about this graph,

-The NS is currently on track to become the console with more of this types of weeks, although this year basically had no weeks within this range because it consistently sold more than 250k units in a week. 

-The DS amazingly sold more than 250k units for about 5 years! That is why  the line looks really flat for a long time.

-PS4 has shown to consistently be within this range, from the start until today.

-The PSP surprised me as it showed a lot more weeks within this range than I expected.

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