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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Any nintendo fans interested in either PS5 or Xbox series X this year?


Which secondary console you'll get?

Xbox Series X/S 14 21.54%
PS5 24 36.92%
Both 6 9.23%
None 21 32.31%

What games interest you? Will you get one or both?

I game on all consoles and PC

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So, must one properly be a Nintendo-first gamer to participate on this thread? I'm a Nintendo fan, havijg owned every major system except the original Gameboy. But, Ninty systems are never my primary.

I bought a Series X a few weeks ago, which is likely to be my primsry system this gen. I will pickup a PS5 at some point, though probably not until we see a price drop, so likely 2022 or so. If it makes any difference, PS4 Pro had been my primary system since I got it, a couple months after release.

Poll should be changed to "Xbox Series or PC Gamepass"

There are tons of people playing Microsoft games over Sony ones that do not own, nor plan to own an Xbox because of how great Gamepass is on PC.

PS5 hell yes

Xbox X not really

I've been interested in a ps5 since Demon was announced. Just waiting for Sony to figure out supply issues.

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I buy everything and I'm not especially excited for either. There are a lot of "pros" but many "cons" as well. Those cons make me want to wait. Especially the storage limits

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I don’t see a reason to get into next gen right now, so no I’m not interested.

PS5 for games they've shown so far. But not now maybe in 2 or 3 years. There's no way i am buying an expensive console to play demon's souls alone.

I usually end of with all three, but I got a Series X on launch day due to gamepass (and my X1 was a launch VCR model).

PS5 is on hold this time around till God of War 5 drops, provided it is not a crosa gen game (they have yet to confirm). If it isn't, I expect a delay TBH.

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I am much more interested in a XSX than a PS5. The PS5 doesn't interest me in the slightest, in fact, the ugly design alone makes this an easy choice but the value proposition of the XSX is also much better.

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