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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most overrated game of the past gen?

WiiU/PS4/XBO is the gen Im talking about but If you want to add Switch games then fine.

For me it has to be Nier: Automata. Great game but nowhere near the praise some are giving it especially due to replaying most of the game multiple times. 

(Dis)honorable mention: Bloodborne. But I must admit this has mostly to do with the fact that the souls style of games isn't my thing.

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For me it is Horizon: Zero Dawn. I think it's a technically good game (and beautiful graphically), but not much differs from a standard ubisoft game. The way you increase your inventory space by hunting animals for parts, the leveling up tree, enemy encampment capturing (including disarming alarm systems), towers, collectibles, etc...I just don't think it would be as highly praised and brought up if it was a ubisoft published game.

Add all this to a very non-interactible world. It looks pretty but everything is so...static. even climbing is just so stiff and static...anyway that's my opinion.

The Last of Us Part II


Death Stranding

Among Us

Persona 5

Fire Emblem Three Houses




Animal Crossing New Horizons

Red Dead Redemption II


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Without even playing the game (yet), I've got to guess it's going to be The Last of Us Part II. The first game is the most overrated game I've ever played in all regards, so I have very little faith in the second game. Besides, I haven't played any 8th gen games I can consider overrated, so that's the best I can come up with. I have yet to play Horizon: Zero Dawn either, and while I do expect it to fall short of my expectations, I still expect it to be a very enjoyable game compared to The Last of Us Part II.

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The Last of Us Part II

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How is nier overrated? Game has an awesome soundtrack, unique story and great boss fights. The game is made by PlatinumGames, all their games have fluid awesome gameplay. You say it's "great" , yet somehow most overrated, come on man.

Breath of the Wild easily get the top pick for me.

Red dead 2, Mario Odyssey, Control, FE Three Houses and Animal Crossing: NH would be on second place.

Overwatch (TF2 with Waifu models)

Celeste (Forgettable Meatboy clone)

Unlike some, I will only mention games I have played and know what they play and feel like...And I wouldn’t call them overrated, since I think that word is incredibly pompous as if to say people who praise that game you don’t like are wrong. I will just say that I didn’t like those popular games remotely as much as people praising them.

- Super Smash Bros Ultimate (The whole series is to me pretty mediocre as far as brawlers are concerned, which sucks because the premise is amazing)
- Red Dead Redemption 2 (They made everything so tedious and grindy. More isn’t always better, and someone should definitely give the memo to Rockstar...)
- Super Mario Odyssey (A prefer tightly designed levels over the exploratory Mario games built around Mario 64’s design philosophy. Super Mario 3D World and Galaxy being my two favourite 3D Mario games.)
- Dead Cells (I simply don’t like the “repetitive run" nature of Rogue-Lite games)
- Persona 5 (Again, the repetitive and restrictive nature of its design is what ended up boring me by the end of it. The great writing and music couldn’t save it)

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