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Forums - Sales Discussion - Nintendo Canada PR | NSW 148K Nov / 790K YTD

Nintendo Switch is the Top-Selling Console in November with More Than 148,000 Units Sold

  • NOV 2020 - 148,000
  • 2020 11 Mo YTD - 790,000
  • 2019 Full YTD - 628,000
  • 25 Consecutive Months at #1

Canada growth is outpacing US growth for 2019 > 2020.

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Canada is cooler than the USA, not just in temperature.

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Canada rocks

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

Would never expect numbers from my country but oh yeah ! Though not a total surprise since the Switch gets most of the time sold out with some restocks while the PS4 doesn't as much and the PS5 is nowhere to be seen due to first months low allocations.

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