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Forums - Sports Discussion - My Pumas lost the final!!

Hello my dear fuchifriends!!!

Back in my younger days I was a big fan of Football, of course in those days (the nineties) globalization wasn't as big as it is, so my favorite teams were the local Mexican teams, unlike today that 90% of Mexican kids root for bigger teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester united, etc. That wasn't our case, we only had the Chivas, the America, the Cruz Azul, and the best of all (for me) the PUMAS!!!

The Pumas has always been by tradition the team with the youngest players because it's the National University's team (U.N.A.M) so they don't win titles a often as other big guns, even so they are the 6th teams with more titles in the country, but Pumas' fans don't ask for titles, they want their team to die in the field!

As I have grown older I don't watch football anymore, I use my spare time in other hobbies, but my younger brother called me telling me that the Pumas made their way to the final and were going against one of the strongest team in recent years, León. 

So we weren't the favorites to win, but hopes rose to the sky and and a tie 1-1 in the first at home made us worry. Still Pumas controlled León most of the game and didn't allowed them to play comfortably. In the second way in León Stadium we thought we could give a the surprise... Long story short, we didn't.

León ended up beatings Pumas 2-0 and they kept the championship for themselves...oh how selfish!

Oh the love and disappointments in football.

So, how have your favorite team in any sports doing this year? Is football your favorite sport too? Any similar experience has happened to you recently?

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I do really like football, yeah. Soccer? Can't stand that. I prefer to not watch sports where people barely get touched, proceed to collapse on the ground, and writhe in pain. If the faking was eliminated or reduced to basketball levels, I'd give it a shot. Really, I just wish all athletes were as tough and disciplined (to not fake injuries) as hockey players. Those are tough cookies!

Arriba el America!!!

I don't really get too riled up over sports....I uuusssed to though! I still cheer for the Vancouver Canucks.

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Also a football fan

That sucks. It's rough when your team loses a big match. I imagine especially so when they don't get to that many finals. It's still worth it for the times they do win though. Plus the fact that they got to the final this season would suggest they've got a decent chance next season too. So if nothing they should have an exciting year ahead of them.

Can't say I've felt the same recently. I'm a Man City fan, so there's definitely been disappointment recently, but it's been over a longer period rather than in a single match.

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Shitty final, León play like an authentic ratonero team, but they deserved to win because Pumas did absolutely nothing. It was an underwhelming Liguilla all around, not even Pumas' comeback against Cruz Azul felt dramatic.

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Chivas!!! 😔