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Forums - Sony Discussion - Nier automata ps4

Found this game laying around. How good is it?? 

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Why dont you pop it in and tell us?

It's 11/10 good. Make sure you do all three playthroughs.

11/10 sounds about right.

It's pretty great. Graphics are a bit meh, but the rest of it, the art design, story, characters, gameplay, music, etc., is fantastic.

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Don't play the first 2 hours in super hard. You will quit.

One of the greatest games ever. It's not required but I'd wait to play it until after Nier Replicant comes out in April. Not required just some first game references would gloss over you. While Platinum did develop it. They purposefully made the combat less over the top so it's not Bayonetta...even tho NA has the best dodge in any game ever plus the best ASS in any game ever. The story is deep and philosophical to such an extreme degree. It's a lovely game but not totally conventional either. It's very unique.

What games like Detroit fail to say in its sloppy delivery. Nier Automata nails in more ways than a David Cage game has QTEs.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

It's a solid 8.5 out of 10.
Would have been a bit higher if not for the second playthrough.

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Loved it, definitely in my top 10 PS4 games

It's one of my fav Xbox one games.

Pretty good.