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This thread will serve as a hub for all the official threads on VGChartz so that we can support, promote and track them all. This thread can also be used to discuss any potential ideas you may have for official threads, gauge community feedback or simply request that someone else creates certain threads on a particular topic.


1. Make a commitment to work on your official thread, keep it maintained and up-to-date, ensure everything in your thread is accurate, especially for sensitive topics, if none of these criteria's are met and the thread is being abandoned or simply has a poor lack of effort then requests will be entertained to create a new thread or take over the current one with an OP swap, especially if the topic is a popular one.

2. Keep us updated if you change your mind on creating official threads in case somebody else wants to create it.

3. Once an official thread has been granted, discussion will sometimes be steered to that thread in certain cases, such as attempting to contain thread spamming, particularly for hot topics (such as your impressions on certain films, shows or games).

4. Threads are only official if approved by a Moderator, if a Moderator hasn't approved your thread then it will make it easier for someone to claim it. Official Threads created by Moderators require approval from another Moderator, typically the Head Moderator.

5. Please ensure it is stated, either in this thread or your own, which Moderator approved your thread, in the event where neither party remembers then Moderators can and likely will re-approve threads as long as effort is put into it.


Users with Official Threads will receive a badge (as shown above), I will use this thread to track the badges handed out.

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