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TV Discussion Thread

This thread will be focused on live action shows and western animation (such as Rick & Morty), any Anime related discussion should go into the "Super Official Anime Discussion" thread.

What will be discussed in this thread?

  • Impressions or reviews of shows, whether that be the entire show, specific seasons or episodes.
  • Trailers for upcoming shows or seasons.
  • General news, such as cancellations, renewals, shows in development or being greenlit, etc.


Please keep any talk about specific episodes, seasons, reviews or trailers as spoiler free as possible unless marked using the spoiler tag function, I want people to be able to use this thread without fear of being spoiled, if there's enough discussion about specific shows then I will approve official threads dedicated solely to them.

Active Shows (Not an Extensive List)

ABC Adult Swim Amazon AMC BBC
The Goldbergs Rick & Morty The Boys Fear the Walking Dead His Dark Materials
Grey's Anatomy Robot Chicken The Expanse The Terror Peaky Blinders
Black-Ish The Eric Andre Show Carnival Row The Walking Dead Doctor Who

Disney+ Fox FX HBO NBC
The Mandalorian Family Guy American Horror Story Doom Patrol Brooklyn Nine Nine
The Simpsons Fargo His Dark Materials

Netflix Showtime Starz SyFy The CW
Black Mirror Shameless Outlander DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Castlevania American Gods The Flash
Cobra Kai Supergirl
Kingdom Riverdale
Stranger Things
The Haunting Of...
The Witcher
The Umbrella Academy

Upcoming Shows (Not an Extensive List)

ABC Adult Swim Amazon AMC BBC
The Lord of the Rings
The Wheel of Time
Event Horizon

Disney+ Fox FX HBO NBC
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier The Last of Us Battlestar Galactica
Loki House of the Dragon
Hawkeye Hellraiser
Ms Marvel
Cassian Andor Series
Moon Knight
Obi-Wan Series
Nick Fury Series
Monsters At Work
Marvel's What If...?

Netflix Showtime Starz SyFy The CW
Resident Evil Halo Chucky Superman & Lois
Assassin's Creed The 100 Prequel

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American Horror Story Fargo Agents of Shield 12 Monkeys
Black Mirror Fear the Walking Dead Supernatural A Series of Unfortunate Events
Brooklyn Nine Nine His Dark Materials The 100 Altered Carbon
Cobra Kai The Mandalorian Arrow
DC's Legends of Tomorrow The Walking Dead Ash vs Evil Dead
Doom Patrol Battlestar Galactica
Kingdom Black Sails
Stranger Things Channel Zero
The Boys Game of Thrones
The Expanse Good Omens
The Flash Grimm
The Haunting of (Subtitle) Lost
The Terror Daredevil
The Witcher Punisher
Westworld Penny Dreadful
Prison Break
Swamp Thing
The Exorcist

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