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Forums - Sales Discussion - Spain PS5 vs Xbox Series X / S launch week

We already know the sales figures for the new Sony and Microsoft consoles in Spain, which sold out all of their stock in their first week on sale.

  • PS5 sold 43000 units in its first week in Spain. 38000 are for the normal model and 5000 for the digital model.
  • Xbox Series X/S sold 14100 in its first week in Spain. Xbox Series X sold 10500 and Xbox Series S sold 3600.

PS5 is the best launch of a Sony home console in Spain:

  • PS5: 43000 units (19 November 2020)
  • PS2: 40000 units (24 November 2000)
  • PS3: 35000 units(23 March 2007)
  • PS4: 38000 units (29 November 2013)

But the best launch for a Sony console in Spain is for the PSP with 54200 units (1 September 2005)

Xbox Series X / S has had a launch similar to the previous Microsoft consoles in Spain:

  • Xbox One: 15.000 units (22 November 2013)
  • Xbox 360: 14.900 units (2 December 2005)
  • Xbox Series X/S: 14.100 units (10 November 2020)


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Seems like both Sony and MS shipped around the usual amount and got sold out as usual too xD

Do we have the number of the Nintendo Switch in Spain ?

YanisFromFrance said:

Do we have the number of the Nintendo Switch in Spain ?

Nintendo Switch: 44.673 units (3 March 2017)

It also provided this chart:


XBOX 360 (DIC 2005)

    XBOX ONE      (NOV 2014)

WII (DIC 2006)

      WII U          (NOV 2012)











the switch is 299 euro with zero competition.

The PS5 is 499 euro with the X/S opposite.

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The Nintendo Switch had the best launch in history in Spain !

YanisFromFrance said:

The Nintendo Switch had the best launch in history in Spain !

PlayStation Portable (PSP) : 54K
Nintendo Switch : 44K

Interesting to see :)
And impressive, there are no PS5-consoles in the stores.

"The Last of Us 2" is officially Game of the Year 2020, worldwide. Ghost of Tsushima-Artwork:

Some additional information from Vandal podcast :

-PS5 second shipment is sold out. For this one, it is not going to be possible to get consoles from shops, only home deliveries are allowed.
-Near 20.000 units that will arrive by December 15th.
-Retailers do not expect to have units of PS5 consoles on shelves until March-April.

"desktop console"

That's a new one.