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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How is Nintendo's and Sony's relationship today?

How do you think Nintendo's and Sony's relationship is today everyone. Do you think they hate each other and try to beat one another, or do you think they respect each other and hope the best for one another despite still being somewhat competitors.

I know back in the 90s Sony hated Nintendo for betraying them and breaching contract of making a SNES-CD add-on, and their contempt towards Nintendo is probably the main reason why PlayStation exists today. As the embarrassment they felt and the contempt they had towards Nintendo fueled them to make a gaming system that would kill Nintendo as revenge, which did somewhat work as the PS1 and PS2 killed Nintendo both generations.

I think this hatred towards Nintendo and the desire to kill their company extended all the way up until the PS4. Where Sony tried to create the PS3 as the ultimate gaming machine that would leave Nintendo and Microsoft in the dust, and created a handheld the PSP hoping to kill Nintendo by trying to kill one of their primary strengths which is the handheld market, this could all be wrong though as I'm using speculation.

However, it seems like Sony and Nintendo got over their hatred, Hiroshi Yamauchi was a crazy and heartless business man who was probably the face behind Sony hating them and their asshole business practices, but he's gone now. And both companies seem to not directly compete with each other anymore.

Also, do you guys think Sony or Nintendo pay close attention to each other and their moves and try to create ideas that could potentially beat each other?

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Better than its ever been.

That's kind of a weird question. Probably the same as it has been since the Wii days, the time which Nintendo bounced back from it's home console streak of failures.

That is to say, Nintendo keeps innovating and trying new things, and Sony copies what they do every now and then.

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There wasn't a contract breach between Sony and Nintendo, otherwise Nintendo would have had to pay compensation and we would know about it. What really happened is that a finalized contract got never signed because Sony's plan was to make Nintendo a third party publisher on the SNES CD add-on, meaning Nintendo would have had to pay royalty fees to Sony.

Sony's masterplan was to create a convergence box that would be the place for all entertainment, hence why Microsoft entered the console business later on because they perceived the threat of Sony to their Windows cash cow as very real. Sony's steps in the thought process were that if they couldn't buy Nintendo, they should at least make them a valuable third party publisher. That's not any different to how Microsoft proceeded when they entered the console business; they would have liked to buy Nintendo too.

As for the relationship between Nintendo and Sony today, they remain fierce competitors. Does anyone know of any instance where either one of them made explicit compliments about the other one? The best example someone can think of is probably Shuhei Yoshida posting on Twitter about owning a Wii U, but that shouldn't be taken as praise, but rather as the trolling that it was: "Nintendo is doing so bad that I can basically advertise their product and it still won't help them at all." - Consider that Yoshida never posted anything about the 3DS which was comfortably beating the Vita.

Sony still keeps making deals to keep games away from Switch. Another angle to consider is that if Sony didn't see Nintendo as their competitor, then why aren't they porting parts of their back catalogue to Switch in order to make money from software sales. And of course the PS business is hurting in Japan in a big way because Nintendo is taking Sony's lunch money. PS sales aren't declining in Japan because of a major loss of interest in console gaming, they are declining because people buy Nintendo consoles instead.

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Sony doesn't hate Nintendo because it's not the 90s anymore. In fact, the Xenoblade X soundtrack was distributed by Sony on CD and digital I believe. Sony just sees Nintendo as another competitor but there is no vendetta. Just business. Everyone involved in that deal is long gone from both companies. Some not even alive anymore.

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There isn't one at all

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

I don't think they hate each other. Many developers at Nintendo own Playstation consoles and I am pretty sure a lot of Sony staff owns a Switch.

But I think it's natural that both companies (as well as Microsoft of course) pay attention to every move the other takes and act accordingly. For instance, there are rumors that Capcom's Monster Hunter Rise was supposed to ship this winter - just in time for the PS5 and XSX launch. What a coincidence, right? It got pushed back due to corona, however, but to me it's pretty obvious that Nintendo suggested this release window.

On the other hand, Sony has always and will always copy Nintendo when they do something good, with haptic feedback being the latest thing.

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i think the relationship between all 3 competitors are much healthier than it was a decade ago (back when CEOs were trash-talking their competitor etc), and while there's still a bit of competition in terms of timed/console-exclusivity deals currently, its still nowhere near the times when Sony nearly took all the Major 3rd Party Exclusives from N64, or Nintendo Doing the Same during the Early Days of 3DS, and don't get me even started on the gargantuan amount of Deals Microsoft made during Early 360 Days just to Bury Sony in the Competition

just a week ago NoA President Congratulated both Sony and Microsoft for Their Next Gen Launches (similar to Jim Ryan, Phil Spencer Doing the Same in 2017 when the Switch Launched)

Needless to say, You Would've Never Heard of such a Thing back in 2006

RolStoppable said:

Sony still keeps making deals to keep games away from Switch.

Kindly Name them Please.

as far as im aware Monster Hunter World was in Development way before the Switch was even Announced (and was a Multi-plat) and despite being the best selling game the series (Literally Dwarfing all the 3DS main-entries combined) it didnt stop Capcom from Making a Switch Exclusive Entry (or Probably Timed/Console Exclusive with the Recent Capcom Leaks)

as for Newer Main-Series Persona Games, its always been PS Exclusive games mostly due to ATLUS working Condition of Preferring a Single SKU for Their games (Similar to SMT IV-V being Nintendo Exclusives, P5S is Developed by Koei-Tecmo), i mean come-on NIOH 1-2 were Published by SIE (Death Stranding is Owned By SIE) and were still Released to PC unlike Persona 5 or even the recent 13 Sentinels.

PS sales aren't declining in Japan because of a major loss of interest in console gaming, they are declining because people buy Nintendo consoles instead.

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Their relationship wasn't good for some time after breaking up, there was some tension between them, but that's normal. After all, they had been engaged for a while and even considered having a child, that's not something one can forget overnight.

But years pass by for everyone and, at this point, both Sony and Nintendo have had plenty of time to think coldly and settle their minds down. They've been meeting and dating other companies, and Nintendo is even having an affair with Microsoft these days (nothing serious, just a little of no strings attached fun), so if I had to bet, I'd say that they moved on with their lives long ago and they just stopped having any sort of hard feelings at some point.

It's possible, however, that they sporadically spy on each other's social networks, and maybe there are still some nights when they just lay down on the solitude of their piles of cash and spend hour after hour thinking, with a glimpse of melancholy on their credit cards, of what could have been and never was...

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