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Forums - Sports Discussion - Diego Maradona dies at age 60 from heart attack

Following a successful surgery for a brain cloth on November 11, the football legend widely considered one of the all time greats suffered a heart attack at his home in Buenos Aires.

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Gotta say I wasn't expecting this to be the first thing I read after waking up, crazy how sudden death can feel sometimes. He was quite young too, only 60, though I guess you couldn't say he took good care of his health.

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The 2nd best footballer of all time.

Too many drugs. R.I.P., Diego Armando.

Two of the most famous goals in one game, the 2nd one was voted the goal of the century:

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To be physically active for that long and die of a heart attack at the age of 60, you'd think that could give you an advantage somewhere. There is no god is there

I...can't believe it

May he rest in peace

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I was watching an brazilian popular TV show about soccer, when suddenly, they interrupted a interview to announce that Maradona had just passed away. I couldn't believe it. That was really unexpected.

May he rest in peace. Brazil and Argentina are rivals in football, but Maradona has a lot of fans here.

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Not exactly a surprise, considering how often he was reported to have health problems. Well, may he rest in peace.

He was like no other R.I.P.

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Great player. Controversial person. He was a show as a player and as a coach.His skills and his heart on the field were something to enjoy. May he rest in peace.

Pele was and will always be the best. Is he still alive ?

Edit: He still is:

God bless the great Pele !!