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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Hyrule Warriors review thread. 80 Opencritic 79 Metacritic

Eurogamer: Zelda gets the Dynasty Warriors treatment once more, folding in inspiration from Breath of the Wild for the best musou spin-off yet.

Destructoid: 8.5/10 Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity brings some of the same "Warriors" baggage along with it, but as someone who was always into these Omega Force romps, the juice was worth the squeeze. The story was genuinely enthralling throughout and it serves as a great companion piece for Breath of the Wild, while forging its own identity in many respects. I suspect a lot of the alterations are going to be controversial, but I like that they took some big swings and really went with it.

Game Informer:7.5 / 10.0 The action is tedious, but cutting through swaths of Bokoblins and single-handedly clearing a battlefield is still rewarding.

Metro Game Central: 6/10 The best Dynasty Warriors style game ever made, which means it's slightly north of mediocre, with simplistic combat, weak storytelling, and a whole lot of repetition.

OP's thoughts: The overall critic's concensus is that it's just another musou game, only a little better than usual. My favorite reviewer Destructoid gave it high marks though, so I'll be buying it and checking it out. 

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I like that the harshest review (on here) called it the best Dynasty Warriors game ever.

Since I liked the first Hyrule Warriors, that doesn't sound so bad to me.

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We've already had two Nintendo-themed Warriors games before, so these verdicts are in line with what could be expected for Age of Calamity.

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The original Wii U version of Hyrule Warriors has a 76 on Metacritic. On the other hand the user score is 8.3. For whatever reason this type of game doesn't really appeal to critics. Personally, I've always though these musou games were a lot of fun. My main complaint before was that I couldn't tell one Dynasty Warriors game apart from another. They all seemed more or less the same to me. The series got an upgrade going to Hyrule Warriors. By all appearances it got another upgrade going to Age of Calamity. Can't wait to give this game a try for myself.

Although I haven't played the demo too much (I didn't want to redo the same missions over and over again and become overpowered). I think I'm going to enjoy this game a lot. Who doesn't like feeling like a badass who can clear hundreds of enemies in a few minutes?

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A number of reviewers have noted that the story is the weakest and most dissapointing element this game has, which I guess is to be expected from a musou game - none of them care much for it, but at the same time its link (pun intended) to BOTW and its status as a prequel of sorts was the only thing keeping me curious about it.

Looks like a button masher to me.

UnderwaterFunktown said:

I like that the harshest review (on here) called it the best Dynasty Warriors game ever.

Since I liked the first Hyrule Warriors, that doesn't sound so bad to me.

It is metro, they called DQ heroes II the best DW game and gave it a 5.  76 on metacritic in the end it seems to be close.

Slightly better Warriors game than usual is great imo, I've loved my time with the first Hyrule Warriors and the character movesets from the demo and gameplay trailer so far are most interesting so I definitely want to check this out tomorrow.Considering the bits of story we got in the demo, it sure announces itself to be a bit crazy haha !

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