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Is the advertising on VGChartz too much?

Yes 30 78.95%
No 2 5.26%
Don't care as I'm an entitled fuck 6 15.79%

Ok so I understand the fiscal realities of having a website but hell's bell the ads are intrusive. They're getting worse and we all know it so would you rather pay a small fee for content or put up with the ads? Personally I'm thinking of leaving 

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I used to be on here everyday, 1st thing on a morning, on my phone, Facebook, then Vgchartz, then get up lol. Now i very rarely use VGC at all, cos it absolutely sucks on your phone now, ads just pop up and completey block your screen.

Or use a free addblock

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Don't care, I'm a supporter.

Pretty sure there is nothing to do about that, owner of the site doesnt care. So you either use adblock or leave

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There is no ads in VGChartz, there is VGChartz in ads

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No idea how the site looks with ads now (adblock) but there was a time when I couldn't even hit "post" because ads were covering the button.

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My adblock stopped working on her for some reason. I stopped using the site on PC unless im making a thread because of the ads. Mostly use the mobile site now.

Years ago I browsed the Internet without adblocker. This was the site that put me over the edge.

Farsala said:
Years ago I browsed the Internet without adblocker. This was the site that put me over the edge. well as script blockers.  Javascript was the devil on this site about a decade ago.