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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Lost DLC for Sonic Adventure Discovered

A long lost DLC event for the Japanese version of Sonic Adventure has just been uncovered. Moopthehedgehog, a member of the Dreamcast development and homebrew website DCEmulation, found a copy of the game’s 1999 New Years event on an old memory card he ordered from Japan.

The event reportedly places a Japanese Kadomatsu, a traditional New Years decoration made of bamboo, pine, and ume trees, in the game. The event was originally released on December 26, with a second bug-fixed version released on December 29. The event ran until January 7, when Kadomatsu decorations are typically removed.

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Cool! I remember Skies of Arcadia had DLC on Dreamcast and oddly the DLC never made it to the Gamecube port either.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I love how invested the Sonic community is. Always finding stuff from old games. Always.