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Forums - Sony Discussion - Ghost Of Tsushima Sales Surpass 5 Million Copies Sold

Via PushSquare:

Great milestone for this new IP!

The newly released Legends expansion should help give it some long legs.

If you haven't played the main game yet - I highly recommend playing with the Japanese voiceovers on.  

You can even change it to a film grain black and white setting like the old Samurai movies.

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That's amazing! I still havent picked this up yet but will when I get PS5

Problem is from what I've seen, the lip syncing for Japanese isn't too great and looks rather jarring, so I'll most likely play in English unless that's been fixed already. Also how do these numbers compare to the inFamous games? Can never remember their sales numbers...

Impressive. The game I am looking forward the most to play. Time to fix that horrible lip sync, yeah?

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There are also a number of people like me that wait to buy the PS5 and experience it there for the first time. It could end up being as successful as Horizon Zero Dawn.

I was meh about TLoU2, but was very impressed with Ghost. Ghost is my personal GotY, just brilliant battle system and amazing setting. Ghost is slightly longer than it should be, but still really great. I love the wide variety of weapons.  I am glad to see strong sales, well deserved.  I hear it runs great on the ps5, which is a bonus.

Ok, cool. Just hope it follows Horizon and ends up on Steam though.

And 51 million for the god of war franchise (God of War 2018 close to 20 million copies sold).

I am halfwaythrough the game and stop playing once I learned it is going to be 60 fps on ps5