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I never talked to you guys about that before, but, since my childhood days, I love to write. When I was a kid, I would use my textbooks from school to draw comic stories. And when I got my PC, I started to write at blogs, foruns, and sites about fanfictions (although I rather write with my own characters and texts).

I wrote some stories... Wait, let me check... I have around 17 in my computer right now, but I must have deleted a couple of them along the years. Either due to remaking them, or giving up.

So... Yeah, I want to tell you guys a story too. But since my english would be a pain to translate everything, I will use google translator, and fix the mistakes I find along the way.

I'll pick a story, just give me a moment...

Ok, I'll tell about "Lost Souls" (Almas Perdidas in PT-BR). That was one of my first stories to make it into a website, and the most praised one (Well, people who readed it said a lot of good things).

It's about drama and a bit of thriller, but I always thought it was very cliché too. Anyway, enjoy it. It's so freaking long, so I'll translate the first three chapters for now. If you guys enjoy it, I'll post the rest later.

Lost Souls (2016)

Written by: Alexandre (Alex_the_Hedgehog)

Suitable for all ages

Chapter 1


A peaceful community in the interior of Brazil. A cloudy day with a chance of rain at any time.

However, the events of this story were happening a little far from the city ... After following a trail through the trees, three policemen were at the entrance of a cave.

- This is the place... Please be careful!

Leandro Almeida... A dedicated policeman who always did his best to protect his city. Even at the age of 32, he dedicated a good part of his life serving justice.

Beside him, a woman with long dark hair approached.

- Did you check our light reserves? We cannot risk being in the dark. Especially if the children are in the depths of the cave.

Amelia Ramos, a young police officer at 22 years old. Her willingness and dedication made her quickly rise to the concept of police.

Leandro took his backpack off his back and opened it.

- Yes... We have enough flashlights and batteries for 6 hours.

Another policeman, older than Leandro, with white hair and glasses approached.

- That's nice. But we have to remember that the cell signal does not work inside the cave. And it won't be cool if we get lost in the halls.

Sebastian Ferraz ... At his 43 years, he has gone through numerous police missions. He is always willing to do anything, which makes him a person of total confidence.

Leandro turned to Sebastian.

- That's true... We will always try to keep a constant path. This cave is a veritable maze of corridors.

After putting the backpack back on, Leandro and the group entered the cave.

- Right ... You remember what we're looking for, don't you? - Leandro asked.

Amelia scratched her head.

- Yes ... Three children. Two boys and a girl who disappeared in that cave.
- The parents called the police station earlier today ... It seems that everyone thought that their children went to spend the night with friends, but apparently they were lying. That was when George's father, one of the boys, found a note in his notebook saying something about coming to this cave without anyone noticing. - Said Sebastian.

At that moment, Amelia was thoughtful.

- This is weird ... What did they want in this place? Nobody comes here exactly because of the danger of getting lost.

Leandro continued to focus on the path they were taking.

- We'll have time to ask them that. But for now we have to focus on finding them.

At that moment, Leandro stopped and took his backpack.

- Leandro, what are you doing? Sebastian asked.
- The light from the cave entrance is running out. We'd better get the flashlights.

The group stopped. Leandro rested his backpack on the floor and took out three lanterns, handing one to each one.

- Remember: We have batteries for 6 hours, but we need to be careful with excessive spending. - Said Leandro.
- Understand! Use only when necessary. - Amelia said.
- Exactly.

Amelia and Sebastian held the lanterns off. Leandro kept his in his pants pocket.

- Hmm...
- There is? What's up, Amelia? - Leandro asked.
- Oh? Nothing... I was thinking about what could have caused the children to come to this place...

Sebastian put his hand on his chin.

- Actually... I've been thinking about something...

Leandro and Amelia turned to him.

- This cave is away from the city, and would be the perfect place to hide something. - Said Sebastian.

Leandro stopped.

- Sebastian ... Are you thinking that ... These children would be hiding something here?

Sebastian adjusted his glasses.

- I can't say anything yet, but think about it ... This place is perfect for hiding guns, drugs, or anything illegal.

Amelia bowed her head.

- It's true, but ... I still want to believe that these children are innocent.

Leandro thought for a few moments, but quickly raised his head.

- Right! We won't discover anything while we stand here! Let's move on.

Sebastian and Amelia agreed, and the group went back on their way. After walking for nearly twenty minutes, carefully checking each corner, the group already had their lanterns on. Darkness gradually dominated the field of vision. It was when Leandro saw something.

- Ah ... Darn! - Leandro shouted.

Everyone stopped with Leandro's scream.

- Leandro? What's it? - Asked Amelia.

The moment Amelia pointed the flashlight forward, she could see what it was.

- Ah... Darn...

In front of the group there was a corridor that went left and right. Of course, it was impossible to know which way was the correct.

- Um... Two different paths. - Said Sebastian.
- This is not good... How big is this cave anyway? - Leandro asked.

Sebastian fixed the glasses again.

- According to the information I checked before we came here, this cave has more than 3 kilometers of corridors that cross in various places. There are also some open areas, but unfortunately I couldn't find a map to check the safest route.

Leandro rubbed his face. Amelia took the initiative.

- It looks like we're going to have to do something ... How about if we split up?
- Do we all agree with that? - Sebastian asked.
- One of us checks the right path. The other pair goes on the left. After a while we come back to this place.

Sebastian thought.

- It could be dangerous. What if the one who is alone suffers some kind of accident? We can't take any chances.
- I know, but ... If we continue as a group, we will have to choose only one of the paths. - Amelia said.

Leandro was analyzing the situation.

- What do you think, Leandro? - Sebastian asked.

Chapter 2


After reflecting for a few seconds, Leandro came up with an answer.

- I ... I agree with Amelia, if we split up we will waste less time.
- Perfect! It was exactly what I was thinking! - Amelia said.

Sebastian laughed and shook his head.

- Okay ... So, you take the right path, while Amelia and I take the left. We meet here again in half an hour.

- Wait ... Why do I have to go alone?

Sebastian laughed again.

- You made the decision. Fair enough, don't you think?

Amelia looked at Leandro and laughed.

- Come on, Leandro ... You're brave, aren't you?

Leandro sighed.

- Right ... Half an hour then.

Leandro turned on the illuminator on his wristwatch to check the time. The group decided to investigate the two paths for thirty minutes and then meet again in the same place. Leandro went down the corridor on the right, while Amelia and Sebastian went on the left.

Leandro was alone in the darkness of the corridor. It was possible to see only what his flashlight illuminated.

- No, that is not right ... I do not believe that these children would have gone so far in this darkness ...

As he walked, Leandro talked to himself.

- But if that's the case ... Where did they go?

The moment Leandro finished that sentence ...

- Help!! Somebody help me!!

A girl's scream almost made Leandro drop his flashlight. Immediately, he ran towards the voice.

- Who's there?!
- Help me please...

Leandro continued towards the voice that came from further on in the tunnel. Until a few seconds later, the light from his flashlight illuminated something that was curled up in the corner of one of the walls. The silhouette took the form of a small girl.

- My God!! Are you alright?!

Leandro bent down in front of the little girl, with long brown hair.

- I ... I'm scared ...
- Okay, I'm here! What's your name?
- La ... Larissa ...

That name made Leandro remember something ... Larissa was one of the children who disappeared in the cave. She was 14 and was George's sister.

- Larissa ... Larissa Menezes?
- Yes ... Yes ...

Leandro stood up and held out his hand to her.

- Can you get up?

Larissa took Leandro's hand and stood up without much trouble.

- Hmm...
- It's all right? Did you get hurt? - Leandro asked.
- I do not think so...

Leandro smiled slightly. If he found one of the children, it was a sign that the others could not be far away.

- Come with me. I'm with two other policemen, and we split up to look for you, and ... By the way, where are the others?

Larissa was startled.

- ...Hmm?!
- You didn't come here alone, did you? According to the information we received, you came with two other boys to this cave ... Their names were ... George and Fabrício, right?

Larissa made a sad face.

- Yes...
- OK! We will be back, I have to talk to my partners again. Can you walk?
- Yeah...

Leandro smiled and nodded. The two returned towards the intersection where Leandro and the others had separated.

When Leandro and Larissa returned to the intersection, Amelia and Sebastian were already waiting.

- Wow, at last you came back, Leandro ... We were ... Hey !!

Amelia was surprised to see Larissa beside Leandro.

- Hey, did you find one of the kids ?! Sebastian asked.

Leandro and Larissa approached. Larissa was half hidden behind Leandro.

- Yes, this is Larissa ... I found her in the tunnel, but luckily she is not hurt.

Amelia smiled.

- Perfect! But ... What about the others?
- Unfortunately, she was the only one ... - Leandro replied.

Amelia took a deep breath.

- Right ... Let's take her out of the cave while we continue to search ...
- No!!

Larissa's scream startled everyone.

- I ... I don't want to go outside ...

Sebastian was surprised.

- ...What?
- Larissa ... It's dangerous here ... We have to make sure you're safe ... - Leandro said.

Larissa's face went sad again.

- I ... I want to help ...
- To help? - Sebastian asked.
- I want to find my brother ...

Amelia crossed her arms.

- Larissa, our duty is to make everyone leave this cave safely ...
- No!! I don't want to leave before I find my brother! You can't stop me !!

Larissa's sad look gave way to that of a determined girl. Sebastian sighed.

- ... What do you think, Leandro? Asked Amelia.

Leandro reflected.

- ...Right. But if we notice any danger, we'll take you outside right away, okay?

Larissa nodded.

- So ... What about you guys? - Leandro asked.

Sebastian adjusted his glasses with his finger.

- No luck. The path we follow has no way out.
- In other words, there is nothing on that side. - Completed Amelia.

Leandro looked again at the path where he found Larissa.

- The path I followed continued on...
- Perfect, so that's where we're going. - Said Sebastian.

Amelia approached Larissa.

- Larissa ... What happened to the rest of your group?

Amelia's question seems to have startled Larissa.

- I ... I don't know ...

Amelia and Sebastian looked at each other.

- You do not know? Did you get lost in the cave? - Asked Amelia.

Larissa did not answer.

- Did you have a fight with the boys or something? Sebastian asked.

Larissa did not answer. She just kept her head down, with a sad look on her face.

- Um ... I don't think she's in a position to answer ... - Amelia said.

Leandro approached Larissa.

Chapter 3


Leandro approached Larissa and knelt in front of her.

- Larissa, I know you must be scared ... But we can't help you if you don't speak.

Larissa looked at Leandro, who continued talking.

- What happened to the others? Where are they?

Larissa looked more and more scared. Suddenly, Leandro was pulled from behind.

- Hey!!

It was Amelia who pulled him. Leandro stood up, not understanding what had happened.

- What are you doing, Leandro? Do you want to make her even more scared?
- But ...

Seeing the situation, Sebastian crossed his arms.

- What a shame, Leandro ... Please be a little kinder to her!

Seeing that there was no other way out, Leandro lowered his head and remained silent for the rest of the conversation.

- We... Well... Actually, I can take you to the place where I last saw them.

The three were interested.

- You can? - Amelia asked excitedly.
- Yes... But it's far...
- No problems. But remember, if something dangerous happens, we'll have to get you out of here. - Said Sebastian.

Larissa agreed. The four went through the tunnel where Leandro had found her.

The group continued for another long walk.

- ... Seriously, this is getting ridiculous ... Are you sure you went that far, Larissa? - Leandro asked.
- Yes ... I still remember the way ...

At that moment, Sebastian stopped.

- Wait!

Everyone stopped. Sebastian grabbed his backpack and pulled out a notepad.

- It reminded me that I still need to write down the path we are following. This cave doesn't look like a complicated maze, but it never hurts to be secure.

Amelia agreed.

- True... In that case, let's take a break while you take notes.

That said, everyone sat in a circle for a break while Sebastian marked on his notebook the path the group had taken so far, as well as some landmarks he observed on the way.

- So, Larissa... Are you feeling better with our company? - Asked Amelia.

Amelia asked Larissa with a smile on her face.

- Yes... I feel much better now...
- Did you go all the way back alone? It must have been very tiring... - Leandro said.
- I needed to look for help... But luckily you came my way.

Amelia laughed. However, what Larissa said next made everyone, even Sebastian, look confused.

- Do you believe ... What angels are guiding us?
- ...Huh? What is that question so suddenly...? - Leandro asked confused.

Sebastian stopped drawing for a moment.

- Some people believe that when we are in trouble, or in doubt in our lives, angels whisper the best way in our ears. That is why I believe that both you and I were fated to meet.

Leandro lowered his head at the impact of Larissa's words.

- ...Wow... That's a very deep thought, Larissa...
- Do you mean that at that moment, there are angels deciding our ways so that our lives are always safe? - Sebastian asked.
- Yes. When despair is taking over our souls, we are guided by forces of goodness, without even realizing it.

Leandro laughed.

- That would be perfect... Maybe you're right. After all, our meeting seems to have been planned by fate.

Larissa returned the smile.

- Done! I have already finished plotting our route. Shall we continue? - Sebastian asked.
- Sure! The sooner we find the lost children, the better! - Said Leandro.

The group got up and prepared to continue the long journey through the cave tunnels. But Larissa's words kept echoing in their minds.

"There are angels guiding us to always follow the right path..."

The group again followed a long, dark corridor. At this point, Leandro walked with his shoulders slumped and his head down.

- Hey, Leandro ... What happened? - Asked Amelia.
- Seriously ... When I leave this place I won't want to go into another cave for the rest of my life!

Sebastian laughed.

- As I said, it's three kilometers of tunnels. But now that Larissa is with us, I think we're going to save a lot of time ... Right, Larissa?

Larissa laughed.

- Right!

Suddenly, the group was faced with another surprise.

- Please no... - Said Leandro.

In front of him, the road continued as far as the darkness allowed. However, there was another way through the walls on the right.

- And now...? Do we keep going straight, or do we go to the right? - Sebastian asked.
- Are we going to split again...? Asked Amelia.

However, Larissa interrupted.

- To the right!

Everyoner turned to her. Leandro was amazed.

- ...Hmm?
- My friends and I went to the right. I'm sure of that.

Sebastian adjusted his glasses.

- Are you sure...? Well, if you say...

However, at that moment... The whole group was terrified.

- W... What was that?! - Leandro asked.
- Ah... Aahh!! - Amelia shouted.

A huge explosion echoed through the cave. Not only that, but the ground shook, causing everyone to lose their balance. Leandro fell sitting on the floor, while Sebastian leaned against the wall. Leandro quickly got up. Gradually, the world around returned to normal.

- That... That was a explosion! - Said Sebastian.
- It came... From the tunnel on the right... - Amelia said.
- No!! That's where my friends are... - Larissa said.

After the group recovered from the fright, Sebastian tried to reason.

- This... This is not good... It was not a natural accident...
- Is it possible that... Is there anyone else in this cave? Asked Amelia.
- An explosion... But why...? - Leandro asked.

Larissa looked concerned.

- Leandro... My brother and my friend were on this path... Please, we have to...

Sebastian interrupted.

- Calm down, Larissa! We don't know what's in that tunnel.
- But... What about the children...? Asked Amelia.

Leandro thought... He had to make an urgent decision...

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Tagging the thread for later reading. Thank you for sharing. I used to write short stories myself, but as I got older, and busier, I chose to spend my free time doing some things simpler, like playing video games, or playing piano.Writing required too much of a mental effort for me.

Literature usually lose some of its shine when translated to another language. I hope Google translation didn't do too much damage.

Cool stuff, thanks for sharing. :)

I'm a writer as well; it's one of my biggest passions along with gaming and autism advocacy. I used to write a lot of stories when I was younger but now I mostly channel it into my posts here and my blog.

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